5 weird but useful accessories to buy in AliExpress

strange accessories aliexpress

The world of Chinese eCommerce offers infinite buying possibilities where the only limit is fantasy. This column, in fact, wants to show you that it is possible to find the most particular gadgets in circulation without spending excessive amounts. For this reason today we want to answer a question that we are often asked: what are the best strange but useful accessories to buy on AliExpress?

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The 5 best weird accessories from AliExpress

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Sneakers with wheels: back to '80s

Yep, fashions never go away, sometimes they make huge turns but then they come back. This is the case of the many vintage garments that are punctually re-proposed every year, but it is also the case of these beautiful sneakers with wheels in vogue in 80s / 90s. For the most demanding, they are available in many colors and sizes, while to get the wheels out and back in just one click!

strange accessories aliexpress

Fishing slingshot with harpoon

Here, this is definitely one of the more accessories strange present in this ranking on AliExpress, as it is a real one wrist sling with lots of reel and harpoon, which is connected to the latter with the fishing line.

strange accessories aliexpress

I left the link to 3 different products, as each of them has a slightly different structure, but the final result is always the same. Will it be useful? Will it work? It will not work? We don't know for sure, but at least from the video the fisherman seems to have pulled something up.

Laser keyboard

La laser keyboard is one of those products that immediately catapult us into future, probably it will not be a gadget to always use for work, but it is certainly an accessory that can be useful for us on the move, when we cannot carry a physical keyboard with us because it is too bulky.

strange accessories aliexpress

Instead, just pull out this small parallelepiped, press a button to turn it on and you're done. In a few seconds you will see the keys projected on the table and you can start writing.

Book lamp

A real gem in this ranking is precisely the book-shaped lamp, which turns on as soon as you open it and which can be turned up to 360 °. We are talking about a very nice gadget to have and, indeed, I confess that I am willing to buy it since it is also available with shipping from Spain in about 7 working days.

strange accessories aliexpress

Finger protector accessory

I don't really know how to call it seen with it has a real name, but this "Finger protection accessory" will allow you to hammer nails into the wall safely and without the risk of getting injured. The good news is that you can take it home with a couple of euros!

strange accessories aliexpress

The best accessories in AliExpress

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