Jimmy JV85 review: Xiaomi's cyclonic vacuum cleaner is powerful and ECONOMIC

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We know Jimmy very well now. We enjoyed Xiaomi's satellite company with hers JV85 Pro, and for some time now the brand has accustomed us to products of excellent quality, very powerful, and with a decidedly favorable quality / price ratio. And if with the top-of-the-range model the Chinese company has managed to surpass (at least in power) the Dyson V11, with the JV85 those of Jimmy promise a suction power almost equal to that found in the flagship product of the English company.

And indeed it is, the Jimmy JV85 it is able to vacuum with more than enough power even for the dirtiest surfaces, is full of accessories and costs practically almost 4 times less than the Dyson V11. But it is not a perfect product, and it is characterized by a small detail that I did not like at all: a charging system that is too limiting.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 review

Package Contents

The packaging of the JIMMY JV85 it is practically identical to that of the Pro model: it is rich and chock full of accessories, net of the flexible hose which is exclusive to the top-of-the-range model. In addition to the main engine, they are basically present all brushes that may be necessary for cleaning your home, but also for different environments.

Here are the accessories in the package:

  • Rigid tube;
  • Main motorized brush;
  • Roller brush;
  • Anti-mite brush;
  • Carpet brush;
  • 2 in 1 crevice tool;
  • 2 in 1 upholstery nozzle;
  • Support for charging.

Design and materials

Even the design of the Jimmy JV85 it is very similar to that of the Pro version. However, the color changes from the typical purple to an electric blue (very nice in my opinion). The structure continues to be mainly made of polycarbonate with a minimal, modern and well-finished appearance. The construction process is also definitely high, and there is the typical interlocking system with which you can use the different accessories that come out in the package.

The main brush is excellent, characterized by a comb design that will prevent pet hair or hair from rolling around the structure: and it is a godsend if you have dogs or cats in the house.

The weight of the Jimmy JV85 is 1.46 kg without brushes, just like the Pro model, and the classic company handle continues to be present, which allows a very comfortable use above all thanks to the particular shape and a good weight balance of the whole device, which will never tire those who use it.

In the upper area there is a LCD display with which it will be possible to keep under control the remaining battery charge and the suction mode used, under which the power button and the suction power switch have been positioned.

Under the blue body there is also the filtering system, whose heart is a HEPA-13 filter very easy to remove, as well as all the other filter components and the dirt container: everything can be washed under running water, but be careful not to immerse the filter and wait for all components to dry well.

One of the strengths of the Jimmy JV85 is undoubtedly the presence of patented technology Horizontal Cyclone which allows an even more efficient filtration than the company's previous models, and which is able to capture and retain up to 99.97% of particles from 0.3 microns upwards.

Suction power

The engine of the Jimmy JV85 it's a 500w brushless at 100.000 rpm which guarantees a suction power equal to 185AW: it is less powerful than the Pro, which has a 550W motor and a power of 200 AW, but is still able to guarantee more than adequate suction.

There are three suction modes, the most powerful emits a noise of 82 db, and in addition to affecting the actual power, they significantly affect the battery life: an important detail for these devices, which we will talk about shortly.

As for handling, nothing to say. Especially with the motorized brush the Jimmy JV85 glides over surfaces which is a pleasure, though - given the rotation and the material of the brush - may have some difficulty on carpets, which could risk tangling if they are too thin and light.

Besides the brush, you can use the lots of accessories that come out in the package, which are functional even without the aluminum tube and connected directly to the vacuum cleaner. For example, I found the small motorized brush to clean sofas or the car very convenient, or even the rigid plastic brush that allows us to use the Xiaomi JIMMY JV85 as a Vac.

Battery Life - JIMMY JV85

Lo Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 comes with 7 2500 mAh batteries, able to guarantee a maximum autonomy of 60 minutes when used without the motorized brush. In real life, however, in my tests I managed to get to 9 minutesi of autonomy with the most powerful suction mode, or a 25 minutes with that average ea 50 minutes with the low one, always using the motorized brush.

And as in practically any exponent of this category, charging times are quite slow: for a full charge, from 0 to 100% battery, it may be necessary between the 4 and the 5 hours.

The point that most puzzled me is though the charging system: it is not possible to recharge the electric broom directly, and to supply it with energy is orbbquired to use the wall bracket. In short, if you do not want to pierce the wall to install the support, recharging the vacuum cleaner could be more complicated than it should be. I would have preferred a direct charging system in the battery, which among other things is removable: in this way, if you have two batteries, one could recharge one while the other is used with the vacuum cleaner. Which in the Jimmy JV85 It is not possible.

Price and considerations

The price of Jimmy JV85 is 249.00 euros, but I advise you to always keep an eye on the coupon you find below, to never miss any discounts. But even at full price, this is an absolutely not bad figure, especially considering the build quality and suction power of the product.

It is a well-built, solid, sufficiently powerful cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaner, packed with accessories in the box and with a excellent value for money. If it weren't for the battery charging system, which I personally just can't conceive of, the Jimmy JV85, purchased with the price that you can have through our coupon, it would have been really a best-buy.


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Xiaomi Jimmy JV85

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