Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Review: Anker teaches us the ANC

soundcore liberty air 2 pro cover review

La noise cancellation it is now present on a permanent basis and above all it is also present in models not of the highest range. However, there is a middle way that we can define complete because it has all the characteristics of TWS ANC earphones top of the range but it does it in a convincing price, like i Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro di Anchor, protagonists of this review, but how will they have gone?

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Review - Anker-style level ANC earbuds and clean audio

Package Contents

soundcore liberty air 2 pro pack

An package which cannot be more complete. Well finished, beautiful to look at, but then it has everything: the case, the TWS Soundcore headphones, the manuals, the cable USB Type-C and especially "the paradise of rubber pads". Anchor in fact, he spared no expense and put all, really all, of them dimensions da XXXS to XL. We really appreciated it very much.

Design and materials

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Here too, Anker's great work for these Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro area of review design very elegant both of the earphones ANC that of the case (especially him, in matte finish). The brand leaves nothing to chance even in materials, which are made of polycarbonate, but premium. In short, valuable and you want to show it.

soundcore liberty air 2 pro review 5

And also in the comfort of use of earphones this thing can be seen well, also because they are not small and light at all compared to their competitors but they are as comfortable as if they were, because they are very comfortable to wear.

Smart functions

soundcore liberty air 2 pro review 2

Everything as it should be. So we could summarize what the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro return in the smart features. Very precise, variable touch controls and above all a management of theANC that convinces.

This is also thanks to the excellent application that Anchor has reserved for these earphones and in general, of great quality for both Android that for iOS. Present the HearID function, but also the ability to adjust all aspects of the experience with these TWS Soundcore earphones.

souncore liberty air 2 pro 6 review

Pairing immediate, theaptX Qualcomm but it is forgiven by the excellent management of the codecs Bluetooth. Returning to the noise cancellation, it is really concrete and gives its best outdoors, where it behaves in an exemplary manner and is not always easy if the price is not from €150 upward. There is a Transparency mode which also works very well. Paradoxically they make less when they are in normal mode.

Audio Quality: Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

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Main focus of the review of TWS ANC Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro earphones is definitely sound quality. Very good, the sound is clean and the bass stands out, not too deep, but the highs and mids are really of quality.

All this in relation to the noise cancellation, given that the sound it gives its best when it is present, unlike what happens for other models, while in normal mode you might find the voice in the songs with a little echobut nothing to worry about.

soundcore liberty air 2 pro review 7

Totally separate speech instead for the calls, they feel really great, we are isolated in an important way and above all they feel really good. Very pleasant feeling.

Battery life

soundcore liberty air 2 pro 4 anker review

Good l 'autonomy area of battery, respectful of the standards guaranteed by Anchor and therefore you can use them for hours without having the problem of running out of them. Among other things, the custody it keeps them alive for a considerable period, not to say days, so they're pretty reliable on that.

Selling price - Liberty Air 2 Pro

We come then to the price, of these Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. The price list of €129.99 su The Amazon is in focus for the great quality of the product but Anchor knows well how to take its users and discounts them to €99 at launch, until January 18 2021, with the Coupon exclusive that you find below in dedicated box. At that price, they take on a whole other dimension that comes close to best buy.

Note if you do not see the Coupon box, we advise you to deactivate the AdBlock in order to access it.


What about, at the end of the game? These Soundcore ANC earphones they convinced us very much, in all their facets. Be it for the design, for the materials, but also for the audio, autonomy and above all for noise cancellation, that Anchor he handled in an important way. If then the integration of the official application helps everything, we would like to recommend them also compared to more expensive and noble alternatives, without naming names. What is missing? The nit, literally, because of the price but it would be almost unfair to ask for them to cost much less.


Coupon discount of € 30 until January 18, 2021

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Package Contents
Design and materials
Ease of use
Smart functions
Audio quality
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review-soundcore-liberty-air-2-pro-earphones-tws-anc-headphones-ankerNoise cancellation is now present in the stable and above all it is also present in models not of the highest range. However, there is a middle ground that we can define complete because it has all the characteristics of the top-of-the-range TWS ANC earphones but ...