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It is now common to use Bluetooth wireless headphones for many uses and situations. To listen to music, make calls or even to isolate yourself while working (say ANC). But lately a new niche is developing TWS earphones, that is, those from Gaming mobile, as the protagonists of this review, i RedMagic Cyberpods, which like the smartphone of the same brand help users in gaming sessions.

RedMagic Cyberpods review: the Game Mode of these TWS earphones works wonders!

Package Contents

redmagic cyberpods new packaging


Like any self-respecting gaming accessory, the package of TWS RedMagic earphones it is beautiful tamarra, but very simple in its content. In fact, in addition to the homes and headphones, we find the manuals, the charging cable Type-C and rubbers spare (only two sizes).

Design and materials

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If the box was tamarra, the design of the Cyberpods it is certainly more, but this does not mean we cannot define them as beautiful to look at. Squared the homes, square the headphones, but the bulk of the design is done by i LED of both components.

As for the materials, it's all made of polycarbonate: opaque for the case and a mixture of opaque and glossy for the earphones RedMagic, at the LED of pairing. For what they cost and for what they do, they are just fine, even for a matter of comfort of use.

Smart functions

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Le smart features are the first point in favor of review for these TWS RedMagic Cyberpods earphones. This is because the touch controls present (true, there is no application to customize them, but they are okay) allow you to put play / pause with a touch on both headphones, switch to another song with two or go back to the previous one with three touches on 'left earphone, all in a precise way. Unfortunately, a function for is missing voice assistants, but perhaps he is simply not the target. As for prolonged touches, for 1 second we answer calls, 2 seconds we can refuse them, while touching 70 times the radiating power, l'right earphone, you access the Game Mode, true and total feature of this product.


Thanks to Game Mode (best optimized on the brand's smartphones) in fact, the Cyberpods lower the latency at a considerable value of 39 ms, which makes all the difference in the world in the video display (which becomes without any audio delay), both right in the mobile gaming (tested on Need for Speed e League of Legends: Wild Rift su Android), which benefits in an important way. Of course, if we look at similar high-end products it is even more pronounced, but for the price range of the RedMagic it's hard to find better.

Finally, the pairing is fast and stable, the chip Bluetooth PixArt does his job properly.

Audio Quality - RedMagic Cyberpods

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for sound quality, perhaps, we expected a little more. It's not bad, mind you, but it's all very mid-range, with lows and highs poco accentuated. Perhaps, even in this case, it is not the target of these TWS RedMagic earphones, which bet everything on low latency in smartphone gaming. And at stake there Game Mode it actually gives a boost in the audio too, not excessively, but you can hear it.

for calls however, we feel and feel good and clean, less in applications like Zoom, Discord e Telegram (well, maybe on Discord it is a small flaw looking at the destination), where the Game Mode fails to intervene.

Here is the complete data sheet of the RedMagic Cyberpods wireless gaming earphones:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 chip PixArt;
  • 8mm dynamic drivers;
  • low latency 39 ms (with Game Mode);
  • transmission distance 10 meters;
  • SBC / AAC codec;
  • IPX5 certification;
  • impedance 16 Ω;
  • case dimensions 83 x 30 x 40 mm;
  • earphone battery: 60 mAh;
  • case battery: 500 mAh.

Battery life

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Not badautonomy of the RedMagic Cyberpods, which guarantee the approx 4 hours promises, which the 60 mAh battery covers in conjunction with the LEDs present. The case lasts a very long time, even for it i LED  is able to stay in office for days, since the internal form is still important. For the price they cost they perform well.

Selling price - RedMagic Cyberpods

Another point in favor of these TWS RedMagic earphones Cyberpods it's definitely the price. THE 49.90€ required are a decidedly appropriate cost for these audio solutions that do not aim to become top music players, but be a good alternative to gaming headphones very expensive. Below you will find the link to purchase on Official site.


You could ask for more of these mobile gaming headphones? Maybe not, because as we have already written for the price, they are worth what they cost. Perhaps some sacrifices have been made on compatibility with high quality audio, but for smart functions and low latency management RedMagic Cyberpods they play it quietly. There Game Mode deserves greater attention from the brand, which perhaps with an app even just for Android could bring game updates, but we are satisfied, since all in all we liked them.

RedMagic Cyberpods - TWS gaming earphones

RedMagic Cyberpods - TWS gaming earphones

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