OPPO like Huawei: solutions for the automotive sector are planned

oppo automotive sector

The fortune of a great technological brand is reflected in the way it can adapt to every novelty and sector. Well, after Huawei, another Chinese giant could also enter the automotive industry, namely OPPO, who is thinking about g systemsautonomous drive for the smart car.

OPPO: patents on autonomous driving, cameras, detection methods for smart cars

oppo auto smart patents

To report the technology hypothesized by OPPO for intelligent cars it is reliable Tianyan Check, which explains how the Tony Chen has applied for patents on autonomous driving, but also detection methods (LiDAR?), Cameras and electronic devices dedicated to the sector.

However, these technologies seem to be more dedicated to the application software of automotive systems and not yet to a hardware. Then, industry experts compared the strategy of OPPO to that of Huawei, that is that it will support the manufacturers to integrate the most advanced electronics for the various cars. Among other things, it would not even be too much of a novelty, since something is already been developed.

And right Tony Chen he expressed himself in an emblematic way on the possible sectoral change: "OPPO has only two possibilities: either it produces cars or it doesn't produce them, but you have to know how to make the ones you are good at, so let's not look to build them ourselves". Then he adds: "Sure, if the industry has any issues with this, then we will evaluate it, but it is currently safe to rule out".

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