Meizu POP Pro: the first TWS with ANC of the brand are official

Meizu POP Pro official

As fans of the Chinese brand well know, the second half of 2020 did not bring news in terms of smartphones for the Chinese home. The company has focused all its attention on its first, true smartwatch Meizu watch (of which here you can find all the details) even if the wearable will not be the only novelty of the new year: indeed Meizu launched the new TWS headphones at home POPPro, the first wireless of the brand with noise reduction technology ANC.

Meizu POP Pro official: all about the TWS headphones with ANC of the Chinese brand

Design and features

Meizu POP 3 headphones tws ANC


The look of the headphones had already been revealed by various patents and certifications. TWS headphones Meizu POP Pro come with a widely tested design inspired by that of Apple's famous AirPods Pro (both in terms of earphones and CASE​ charging, albeit in this case slightly more rounded).

Meizu POP Pro official

The pebble case features the brand logo and an LED indicator in the central part, a power button and the USB Type-C port for charging.

ANC functions and technology

Meizu POP Pro official

POP Pro earphones come with a intelligent noise reduction algorithm (in combination with three headphone microphones), which aims to improve call quality by eliminating background noise. According to what was declared by the Chinese company, there is talk of a reduction up to 35 dB. The TWS headphones feature a custom 10mm diaphragm voice coil to deliver cleaner detail in both the mid-high and bass frequencies.

Meizu POP Pro official

La ANC noise reduction technology is a solution hybrid and also in this case the company promises sparks. In terms of autonomy it speaks of approx 6.5 hours, which however go down to 4 hours with ANC active. Through the case you can recharge the headphones until you get 20 hours of use.

Meizu POP Pro official: price and availability

The price of TWS headphones with ANC Meizu POPPro it's about €63 at the current exchange rate, or 499 yuan. Sales will start in China from 12 January and at the moment it is not known if and when they will arrive for us Westerners too (although as always we keep our fingers crossed we trust in the "usual" stores).

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