Xiaomian, vivo and OPPO increasingly demand MediaTek chipsets, TSMC thanks

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For some years now MediaTek began to step on the accelerator. Unlike what was done in previous years, therefore, it is acquiring an increasingly consistent market share. This is also thanks to the work done by the company in the realization of chipset more and more reliable and performing, practically on a par with those produced by Qualcomm. Which is why in recent months the Taiwanese chipmaker has become the third ever customer of TSMC.

MediaTek is TSMC's third largest customer

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We have already taken a look at the numbers of MediaTek in another article, giving prestige to the company and its choices. For some time now, brands like Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO and others have entered this world, implementing MediaTek chipsets in their smartphones. Over the years, therefore, trust in this brand has grown and, for the moment, this has paid off. In fact, MediaTek is currently the third largest customer of TSMC, which therefore continues to grind important gains.

Honor will no longer be the same as before, between MediaTek and ODM

According to the latest forecasts, it seems that by mid-2021 the MediaTek chipset shipments they will reach approx 80-90 million units. Looking at 2020, this same figure represents the number of components sold throughout the year. It would therefore be a increase incredible in this sense, not only for MediaTek but also for TSMC, engaged in the production of these chipsets.

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