Keekoon KK004 review: nobody knows it, but it "defends itself" well

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Have you ever bought one telecamera di sicurezza for your home? Most likely the answer is "Yes". A few years ago, however, it was not so common to have security systems of this type, as they were often produced only by a few specialized companies. This, therefore, raised costs and obviously not everyone could afford it. Today, however, things have changed a lot. Even on Amazon, for example, there is an almost endless amount of cameras of this type, at any price. Inside some stores, therefore, from poco you can buy a new safety device, that is Keekoon KK004. Even if the name tells you poco, it is a security camera that records in 1080p and is designed for indoor environments. How did I find myself with this device? I'm talking about it in this one Full review.

Keekoon KK004 review


Keekoon is certainly a company that is sympathetic to our planet, given that the sales package is made entirely of recycled cardboard. Within this box, therefore, we find:

  • Keekoon KK004;
  • short instruction manual, also in English;
  • plastic bracket, for fixing to the wall;
  • screws and dowels;
  • Ethernet cable, CAT 5E;
  • disk for instructions.

Design & Materials

Taking a look at this IP Camera, it is evident that the company has staked everything on a plastic material that is not entirely satisfactory. These glossy finishes, in fact, are prone to retain a lot of dirt resulting poco pleasant for a device that is meant to stay indoors. Also from the point of view of the dimensions we are not there, being certainly more bulky than other competing products. On the official website, however, there is no precise information in this regard, so you will have to trust my word. Let's say, in summary, that I would have expected a assembly slightly more cared for.

Looking at the product at 360 ° we can appreciate its truly particular shapes. In terms of connectivity, however, the ports on this device are always the same. In addition to showing the main sensor, a LED and the sensor Night Vision, on the back we have a hole for the audio output, the entrance Ethernet, the antenna Wi-Fi, the entrance microSD (already occupied by a 16GB drive) and the hole for the power supply. Going down, however, we have the classic button Reset and the central threaded hole, which is indispensable if you want to hang the device on the wall. There are also 4 rubber pads that are used to hold the video camera in place and stable.

We find the company name on the front, and nothing else. This security camera, in fact, is not designed for environments exposed to bad weather, therefore there is no type of certification against water and dust. Therefore, you must necessarily place it in your home or office.

Hardware & Connectivity

Here I want to mainly analyze two aspects: the signal reception and its stability. With Keekoon KK004, therefore, I had no problem in this regard, always managing to connect to the camera quite quickly. I didn't place it in a blind spot in the house, but I was careful in trying to make it as functional as possible. Reason why the distance between the Keekoon KK004 and the modem was less than 3 meters, with no obstacles in the air. If these are the conditions, therefore, there is no risk in the connectivity phase. I must say, then, that the installation is quite simple and fully respects the philosophy of the products Plug and Play. Just plug it in, scan the QR code printed below, download the official application from the Play Store and that's it. What's the only problem? Unfortunately, scanning the QR code of the app, directly from the instruction booklet, the phone found nothing for me. It will therefore be necessary to scan the entry "Android apk file”Which will send us directly to the official website to download the file.

In addition to the initial scan of the QR code, at least during the configuration phase this IP Camera must be connected to an Ethernet cable that starts directly from the modem / router. This is to allow the system to interface correctly with the home network.

Technical Sheet - Keekoon KK004

  • Dimensions: 210 × 160 × 120mm;
  • Weight: 250 grams;
  • Image sensor: CMOS Image Sensor (1 / 3 ″), 2MP (1.920 x 1.080 pixels);
  • Video format: H.264;
  • FOV: 80 °;
  • Video Resolution: 1.080 x 1.920 pixels, 30fps;
  • Night Vision subject detection: distance of 8 meters;
  • Memory: microSD up to 64GB.


Here we are going to analyze everything that essentially concerns theapplication for smartphone. I have already told you, therefore, about the fact that this app should be downloaded as an external apk but, beyond this aspect, it is good enough. However, I cannot promote quality graphics of the interface which, as far as I'm concerned, is not up to the standard of a product of this type.

Looking at this software in more detail, we see how in the main screen there is a list of the cameras that we have configured and installed in the house. In our case, of course, we only see one. Moving our gaze down for a moment, however, we notice the presence of others three: keys. Going up Snapshot, then, we enter directly into the gallery, which contains the photos we took. All the various manual recordings, on the other hand, find space on Record. Where, instead, we can take an in-depth look at the various alarms that have been triggered during its period of activity is in the department Alarm. Within the latter, therefore, we find the date and time of the alarm, as well as some frames of the images.

Going back up Live video and clicking on our cam, we access the live view of what the Keekoon KK004 is filming. Here, therefore, we can carry out many different actions. If, for example, we are not satisfied with the positioning of the camera, we can easily change it. By swipe on the smartphone screen, therefore, we have the possibility to change this aspect. I remind you, in fact, that the room can rotate on its own axis di 340 ° horizontally and di 80 ° vertically. We will then have the opportunity to change the video quality, to act on the brightness of the camera and to activate the volume and main microphone. Let's say that in this respect, therefore, the room is quite complete.

Operation & Video Quality

Keekoon KK004 does not look bad on the video side. Even if it loses something compared to other competitors, this camera is able to sufficiently reproduce the scene in front of it. However, I recommend setting the quality at the highest level, both in the recording phase and in the shooting phase. This allows you, in fact, to obtain a better quality for details and, above all, a much wider vision. Only in this way, therefore, can you make the most of the broad FOV of this security camera. I have not noticed any particular problems, both during the day and at night. I must say, however, that with the Night Vision the images are not so clear and precise. The subject who triggered the alarm is clearly seen, but not in too much detail.

Whenever a subject in movement the camera sends a notification to our smartphone. At this point we can do two things within the Keekoon app: watch the video recorded by the same cam or, alternatively, go and watch the individual frames shown in the Alarm section. Still with reference to this aspect, I must say that in the settings there are many different levels of sensitivity. I'm not sure, therefore, how much they actually differ from each other. Personally, however, I set the sensibility on level "3", one of the highest, and I found myself quite well.

All photos and recordings can be saved initially on the microSD which is supplied. Unlike many other brands, in fact, Keekoon has already included one from 16GB inside the room, avoiding the buyer having to buy a separate one. It is absolutely not something to be underestimated and that plays in favor of this cam. However, I want to make a criticism of this app. In fact, I would have preferred a more careful management of the various notifications and daily recordings, with a simpler and more effective chronology. Let's say something very similar to what we saw above Imou Bullet 2E (see the full review here).

Price & Conclusions

Keekoon KK004 it costs roughly 30 € on some online shops. It is by no means a high price, especially considering what is offered by the competition. It must also be said, however, that being semi-unknown it is also difficult to find compared to many others.

Keekoon KK004 - Keekoon

Keekoon KK004 is a security camera that very few people know about, but it offers more than you think! Buy it now!

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~ 30 €

What did not convince me is the smartphone application, which I find insufficient in some parts. Not only in terms of graphics, but also for some "missing" functions that would certainly have enriched the experience. Secondly, then, the device does not show anything so revolutionary in this area, recording with an average quality, without too many pretensions. I must say, however, that I can break a lance in favor of this product for the simplicity of installation and configuration.

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