Imou Bullet 2E review: safe even at night, with intelligent Night Vision

Very often we tend to think that only those who live in independent apartments are more concerned than thieves. However, this is not the case at all. In fact, many users are now equipped with security cameras (see the review of these two rooms by Ezviz) to protect your home, even if you are perhaps inside a condominium. With the drop in the prices of these products, which have become more and more common, many people have been able to enter this world, previously practically unknown. Reason why, here, you might be very interested in the product I'm going to talk about. Today, in fact, let's take a closer look at the new one Imou Bullet 2E, a IP Camera outdoor with truly exceptional features. If you want to know more, then, follow this one Full review.

Imou Bullet 2E Review


I must say that the sales package, only on an aesthetic level, is rather pleasant. Here, in fact, the camera is presented in the right way, as if to underline the quality of the product. Inside this box, however, reside:

  • Imou Bullet 2E;
  • screws and plugs for fixing to the wall;
  • warranty card;
  • alert sticker that signals the video camera;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • Ethernet cable.

Design & Materials

Even before going to the official website to study its technical characteristics, I was sure that the whole body of this IP Camera was made of metal. I therefore believe that in fact this is the case, despite the fact that a plastic material. Beyond this aspect, however, the assembly is almost flawless, making this Imou Bullet 2E really robust. In terms of dimensions, then, this product measures 147,7 x 74,2 x 74,2 mm, With a weight of 280 grams. Whether it's light or not, poco it matters. This device, in fact, was created to remain outside the house, monitoring the area around the main door or the garden. It is no coincidence, in fact, that it also has the certification IP67, which therefore makes it resistant to water and dust.

Imou Bullet 2E shows a fairly classic design for products of this type, with the photographic sensor main placed on the front and assisted by the presence of two LEDs on the sides, a microphone below and a single LED RGB state, on the top. In some respects, therefore, it can also be considered a rather minimal device. Like many other similar products, then, it always shows the usual attachment on the back, to fix the camera to the wall. From the terminal part of this component a cable emerges which, later on, branches into two parts: one for thesupply camera and the other (port Ethernet) for connection to the internet. Turning this product 180 °, then, we notice the presence of a door, closed by two screws, which contains the slot for microSD. Also within this surface, a Reset button has been introduced which, if pressed for 10 seconds, brings the camera to the factory settings.

I don't forget the two antennas, in plastic, placed on the two sides of this device. These can only be directed vertically but, in any case, they still do a great job, increasing the coverage of the WIFI network of this Bullet 2E. Beyond this aspect, then, I must say that the installation and fixing to the wall are very simple.

Hardware & Connectivity

Like any security camera of this type, a key component is the Wifi connection. Without it, in fact, it is practically not possible to use them. This Imou Bullet 2E, therefore, is no exception and offers a rather satisfactory coverage. In fact, at the point where I have positioned it, it is not far from the modem but, between its position and the latter, there is a wall. I must say, therefore, that I have never had any problem connecting remotely to this device, displaying the images in a rather satisfactory way. I recommend, in any case, not to abuse the goodness of this product, therefore trying to always position the camera quite close to the modem or router. If it were more convenient, however, a cable connection to the internet would also be welcome, using the Ethernet input.

Inside the package there is space for a wall power supply, with a European socket, which must necessarily be constantly connected to the camera. In fact, without energy, this Bullet 2E cannot function.

Technical Data Sheet - Imou Bullet 2E

  • Dimensions: 147.7 × 74.2 × 74.2mm;
  • Weight: 280 grams;
  • Image sensor: CMOS Image Sensor (1 / 2.8 ″), 2MP (1.920 x 1.080 pixels);
  • Video format: H.264 / H.265;
  • Horizontal FOV: 104 °;
  • Vertical FOV: 54 °;
  • Video Resolution: 1.080 x 1.920 pixels, 30fps;
  • Night Vision subject detection: distance of 30 meters;
  • Memory: microSD up to 256GB;
  • Resistance to water and dust: IP67.


When we talk about software for a product of this type, we obviously refer to the application developed for smartphones. Here, therefore, you need to download Imou Life in order to proceed with the configuration of the Bullet 2E, as well as all the other security cameras of the brand. After a scan of the QR code imprinted on the lower part, however, everything works properly and in a rather simple and fast way. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete all these operations.

Taking a look at the first screen we are facing, we notice a rather standard page setup. Once we have added our IP Camera, in fact, we find it immediately in home page, with its dedicated window. With the symbol at the top right, then, you can add a new device, while clicking at the bottom, on the icon in the center, you access the security notifications of the camera. Here, then, reside all the alarms, with the related recorded videos that show us the moments in which the sensor has detected a human presence. By clicking on the rightmost symbol, however, you can access your profile, thus being able to modify and manage various parameters.

By clicking on the window relating to our Bullet 2E, renamed for the occasion "Office", we have in the upper part of the screen the streaming active of what is happening outside. With the buttons at the bottom, therefore, it is possible to interrupt this transmission of images, view several cameras together, switch between quality SD a HD, activate the volume and enlarge the full screen view. On "View history", however, we are offered a "editor”Which, at different times of the day, allows us to retrieve camera recordings in all those instants in which movement has been detected. We can therefore view the video related to that precise moment. As also indicated poco further below, then, we can take a snapshot, manually start a recording or turn on the LED lights on the sides of the camera, to better illuminate the scene.

By clicking on the settings button, at the top right, you access an area where you can change some parameters, manage thecloud storage, change the night vision e poco other.

Operation & Video Quality

I was quite happy with the video quality of this device. With this video camera, in fact, it is possible to record clearly, even when the sensor is placed in an "uncomfortable" position. So, against the light I did not notice any defect in the photographic rendering, still managing to show the faces well, without noteworthy inaccuracies. With 30fps in fact, not much else is needed; the Bullet 2E therefore stands out as one of the best cameras in this respect, resulting balanced. Even with the Night Vision, then, I must say that the performances do not drop that much. Here the software itself also meets you, which allows you to take advantage of different modes:

  • Infrared Mode, that is the classic infrared vision, in black and white;
  • Color Mode, which even at night shows a color vision of the surrounding environment;
  • Smart Mode, that when it detects nothing it is in black and white, then coloring itself only when a threat is detected;
  • Off Mode, the mode that effectively renounces the artificial lighting of the room, turning off the two bright LEDs placed on the sides of the main sensor.

If activated from the settings, classic on-screen notifications will appear on our smartphone every time something is detected. To avoid getting these messages frequently, however, I kept the sensibility of the survey on “3”, the average grade. I must say that after every tangible movement of objects in front of their range of action I always received a notification. I had no problems, therefore, with the movement of objects due to the wind and so on. Selecting, however, the maximum degree of sensitivity these problems return, so the camera is often led to notify even the slightest variations that occur in front of it.

This camera has never missed a shot, recording all the material needed to store it, then, on the cloud. In fact, I took advantage of the free trial period to test it and I must say that it works quite well. In case you want to keep a physical history of all the recordings, however, I recommend that you buy one microSD da 256GB and to insert it on the chamber itself. In this case, choose a card that is able to survive even temperature changes and other extreme conditions. In fact, being outside, he could suffer more in certain situations.

Price & Conclusions

Imou Bullet 2E costs approximately 70 € online. This figure, therefore, if he plays it with, for example Ezviz C3N which we reviewed a few weeks ago. Compared to the latter, however, the Imou camera manages to offer a slightly better video quality, as well as a higher stability of the Wi-Fi connection. If I had to decide which of the two to buy, then, I would go on this Bullet 2E, even at the cost of spending a little more.


Imou Bullet 2E is the security camera for everyone, easy to install. Buy it now!

More Less
69,67 €

With this camera it is possible to have a rather simple and intuitive control of the surrounding area. In fact, the application also helps in this, presenting a few options but all well defined and clear. I must say, therefore, that the app interface convinced me, as well as the settings contained in it.

Design & Construction
Video quality
Audio Quality
Night vision
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review-imou-bullet-2e-specifications-priceVery often we tend to think that only those who live in independent apartments are more worried than thieves. However, this is not the case at all. By now many users, in fact, equip themselves with security cameras (see the review of these two Ezviz cameras) to protect ...