Huawei will bring the Fiber directly to the room with the FTTR Wi-Fi system

huawei wi-fi fiber optic router
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The more we advance with technology, the more we need faster and more stable connections. For this Huawei, leader in solutions Internet e Wi-Fi, is ready to launch a system with the router in Fiber optics which allows you to have the Gigabit in every room, with the FTTR technology (Fiber-to-the-Room).

Huawei: this is how the Wi-Fi router of the FTTR (Fiber-to-the-Room) fiber optic system works

huawei fttr fiber to the room

Although an "all-optical" domestic fiber optic system may be truly futuristic, Huawei seems to have made it a reality with a router capable of supporting optical repeaters capable of having the maximum connection Gigabit 6 in every corner of the house.

This is thanks to technology Fiber-to-the-Room, namely FTTR, which allows you not to lose the super bandwidth it guarantees Huawei Starlight Wi-Fi 6, which combines an optical modem and router in one solution. With this solution, you will be able to perform video conferencing, VR, playing 8K video, live broadcasts and Multi-channel HD, in addition to smart home.

This Wi-Fi system it allows to obtain a millisecond level switching through intelligent roaming protocols, in order to arrive in every room, as required by Huawei technology. Among other things, the energy impact will be very low since it consumes only 0.37 kWh per day.

Currently this FTTR Wi-Fi router system is exclusive to China, but the hope is that it will soon arrive in the West as well to project us towards a new dimension of connection.

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