Huawei P50 Pro protagonist of a new concept render

huawei p50 pro

Not having images available yet, the usual game has started for those who guess how it will be done Huawei P50 Pro. In the previous weeks there are those who have tried with make it quite imaginative and which are unlikely to be reflected in reality. Even the concept render today is based solely on indiscretions, although they come from a more reliable source like the leaker Teme. For this reason it is at least worth taking it into consideration, even if only as a suggestion for one's imagination.

Upgrade 08 / 01: a new concept, this time more credible, shows us what Huawei P50 Pro could look like. Find all the images at the end of the article.

A new concept makes us imagine what Huawei P50 could look like

Retracing the history of Huawei, with P9 there was a mighty leap forward in photographic terms, with a design that was then taken up and improved with the P10. With Huawei P20 Pro there was a change from horizontal to vertical arrangement, with the so-called traffic light camera that we also reviewed on P30 Pro. Finally, with P40 Pro and P40 Pro + the "traffic light" has become a rectangular box, expanded to make way for a more advanced (and cumbersome) sector. At this point, there are two paths for Huawei P50, P50 Pro and P50 Pro +: resume the design of P40 or go for a new path.

If we take Samsung's direct rival, from Galaxy S7 to the latest S20 there has been a more continuous evolution, with repeated design changes for the respective cameras. And for the next Samsung Galaxy S21 a further change is almost confirmed, as the leaked renders reveal. Here, then, that it would not be surprising that Huawei is also preparing to do the same, adopting a new box to contain the sensors of the P50 series.

huawei p50 pro

Along the lines of these rumors, user Guilherme Alves has created a possible depiction of the Huawei P50 Pro. It's a bold representation of Huawei's 2021 flagship, whether you look at it from the front or from the back. The front implements a totally borderless display, curved on all sides and with one dual punch-hole selfie cameras top left. Beyond the overly skimpy edges, Huawei will most likely reuse the front design adopted with the P40 series.

At this point the attention shifts to the rear, where Guilherme has placed a photographic module that follows the indiscretions of Teme. We therefore have a sort of re-proposal of the circular module of the Mate family, but moved to one side and cut at one end. A definitely circular look but that we are sure would be debated given its strangeness and asymmetry.

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New concept of Huawei P50 Pro | Update 08/01

Waiting for more concrete sources to reveal the features of the P50, a render artist tried his hand at imagining Huawei P50 Pro. A new concept, this time more likely, reveals a device very similar to the P40 series, especially in the back . In the rectangular box at the top left there is the quad camera equipped with a periscopial telephoto lens, a classic for Huawei flagships.

Another touch to the We find Huawei on the right frame, where the red Power button typical of the Mate family stands out. On the front the display is always perforated, but this time with a single hole and positioned in the center instead of sideways. Whether it is plausible or not is still early to say: in the meantime, if you would like to know all the information in our possession so far on the Huawei P50, P50 Pro and P50 Pro +, we refer you to in the dedicated article.

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