Chuwi GemiBook Pro review: 2K display, 512GB SSD and budget price

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On paper, the numbers are top-notch: 2K display, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM memory. All in a laptop that looks good in Chinese poco. This is the business card of Chuwi GemiBook Pro, the newcomer to the lineup of one of the companies that over time has been able to convince us with its products, especially for the excellent quality / price ratio.

But the point is simple: especially in notebooks of this kind, often the technical specifications can only deceive and pay the price (as usual) the users who, driven by a good level of hardware, tend to trust with their eyes closed and conclude purchases. they may regret. Here, this is the meaning of our review of the Chuwi GemiBook Pro: we will try to understand if this dizzying hardware is actually able to guarantee a level user experience and, above all, if the game is worth the candle.

Chuwi GemiBook Pro review

Package Contents

Sold in the typical Chuwi cardboard box, the GemiBook Pro it is accompanied by the typical accessories found in the boxes of this particular type of product. Inside, in addition to the Chinese notebook, there is a charger with Italian socket and proprietary connection (from 24w, 12v and 2A), in addition to the usual manuals.

Design and materials

Weighing just 1.5KG, the Chuwi GemiBook Pro it is a very compact notebook, ideal to be carried with you or to be used at home even not on the desk. The whole shell is made of aluminum, but the satin finish and the matt black color give it a elegant and very clean design: it's something I really appreciated. The doors are also excellent: on the left side there is the input for the power supply and one USB / C port (which, among other things, can also be used for charging the notebook), while on the right there is a microSD slot, the input for the 3.5 mm audio jack and a USB 3.0 type port.

Below, however, is the usual free slot for SSD M.2, and despite the fact that the presence of only one USB 3.0 port is somewhat reductive, it must be admitted that the work done in terms of design and space optimization is remarkable, especially for a cheap Chinese notebook. The 14 "display bezels with 2K resolution, which are really stripped down: the screen, moreover, can turn 180 ° on the frames, which I found rather wide, however, and which often tend to lose their tilt position, especially if you move the computer with the monitor open.

The keyboard with US layout continues to be present, but this time it is backlit: the backlight is quite uniform and is white, but it tends to activate with a slight delay compared to the first typing.


The screen of the Chuwi GemiBook Pro it is a 14 ”IPS with 2K resolution and bezels reduced to the bone. And it goes without saying, just looking once at the quality of the display, that this is a practically perfect Chinese notebook for watch multimedia content. And it is also thanks to a very vivid saturation and a well-balanced factory color calibration. The panel would also make video and photo editing possible, certainly not at professional levels, but with one good color rendering and excellent screen quality.

The viewing angles are also good, with which you can see all the pros of the technology with which the panel is made, the less pleasant the depth of the blacks which, in some cases could be poco incisors. To underline a slight presence of clouding, which is visible above all with images with a prevalence of black, but which absolutely does not affect the user experience.

Hardware and performance - Chuwi GemiBook Pro

To animate the Chuwi GemiBook Pro it's a Intel Gemini Lake J4125, flanked by 16 GB of RAM memory LPDDR4X type and a SSD from 512 GB. And as in practically all systems animated by this processor which, let's remember, is a quad-core SoC mainly for cheap mini PCs, announced at the end of 2019, which runs at 2-2,7 GHz (Single Core Burst) and is produced at 14 nm, the graphics section is flanked by an Intel UHD Graphics 600. And so no, the C.huwi GemiBook Pro is by no means a gaming notebook, but it is an excellent product for carrying out all the more “traditional” daily activities, such as web browsing, processing office documents and so on. In short, it is perfect for smart working and for distance learning (DaD), but for more complex operations it would be better to choose something else.

You can also ask him a little bit more, such as running apps like Photoshop and the like, but we must not cry out for a miracle especially for a detail that immediately caught my attention: it happens that the system does not use all 16 GB of RAM and despite the CPU being a fairly recent model, in complicated operations it tends to be often in full throttling, with a consequent colo bottle of the whole system.

And it is above all in the execution of the stress tests that, despite one pretty good temperature management, we note how the RAM is never saturated and, at most, about half of what is available is used.

Either way, it is one of the first Chinese notebooks equipped with compatibility with WiFi 6, and like every exponent of the category entrusts the audio sector to a stereo speaker system in the market average, without praise and without infamy, able to reproduce the sounds with a balance tending towards high frequencies, where the low ones are just a distant memory.

In short, ok, with the Chuwi GemiBook Pro you will be able to play some of the older games in the Microsoft Game Store, but it would be better to use it doing what it was designed for. That is, not games or complex operations.

Battery life

The battery of Chuwi GemiBook Pro is a 38 Wh which, also thanks to the TPD of the Intel Gemini lake J4125 and the excellent thermal management, is able to guarantee an overall good autonomy. With an average use, ie with a screen with medium brightness and performing "traditional" operations, I managed to achieve poco less than 8 hours of autonomy.

This is an excellent result but, it is clear, that autonomy is a factor that varies a lot according to the type of use: especially in low-end systems, if more complex operations are performed the Battery drain it would be much more pronounced.

Selling price and conclusions - Chuwi GemiBook Pro

Il selling price of the Chuwi GemiBook Pro is $ 459, but with our coupon (found below) you can take it home for a much lower amount: currently at approximately EUR 329. A price more than suitable for the quality of the product, which must be purchased, however, with the awareness that only the most “traditional” daily operations can be done.

It is a car well balanced and made with materials and assembly techniques of good quality, especially for the sale price at which it is proposed. Ok, probably at full price I would recommend something else, but with our coupon things start to get very interesting.


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Chuwi GemiBook Pro

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