BlitzWolf BW-LT32 review: an LED strip that wants to emulate Ambilight, at a super price

blitzwolf bw-lt32

Now the world of televisions hardly knows any more limits, for many reasons. In addition to the size of these devices, increasingly full-screen, the accessories attached to these products have also increased. I am not speaking, therefore, only of everything related to audio, with external systems that improve its quality, but also of the various lighting systems placed on the back that have become so fashionable today. Beyond all, in fact, watching a movie completely in the dark, with only the TV screen on, is not good for the eyes. Therefore, everyone recommends installing some LED lights on the back, which in that sense help not poco in the daily use of these devices. Reason why, therefore, you might be interested in the new BlitzWolf LED strip, that is BlitzWolf BW-LT32, which is really smart poco. Let's find out together, however, in our complete review.

Review BlitzWolf BW-LT32


Nothing changes in the sales package of this product, since as usual it maintains the white and green color typical of the brand. Inside this box, however, we find:

  • BlitzWolf BW-LT32, the LED strip;
  • controller equipped with USB-A cable, connector for the LED strip and an optical sensor;
  • wireless remote control;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

Let's say that even when it comes to a simple one LED strip, you can see the differences between a well built and a poorer product. Also in this case, therefore, the superior quality of this accessory is palpable, showing a strip completely covered with silicone. This is an aspect that should not be underestimated because it prevents the various connections from filling up with dust and getting damaged. If this were not enough, then, the controller can be joined to the LED strip by means of a plastic element that protects this component from water and wear. I also remind you that to complete all these elements we find an IP65 certification for the LED strip, which therefore confirms once more the goodness of theassembly.

Coming to the more technical considerations, the LED strip alone measures overall 2 meters, including 60 small LED RGB along the entire surface. This length, however, is divided as follows: the two shorter sides measure 50 cm, while the more aesthetic side is 1 meter. Having also two moving parts, which connect all sides, it is possible to insert this accessory on the back of any TV in a very simple way. These parts, in fact, are equipped with a glue which, I must admit, has proved to be of excellent quality. I just want to point out, however, that given the size of this device it is necessary to exploit a rather large surface, so this LED strip is only compatible with fairly large TVs. If necessary, however, it would also be possible to cut parts.

As mentioned, a controller (IP20 certified), thanks to which you can switch on the device, change the lighting mode and increase / decrease the intensity of the LEDs. A cable starts from this USB-A which allows you to connect it to any power supply, a connector to connect it to the LED strip and an optical sensor. There is also a classic wireless RF remote control, which as on many other competing products allows you to modify each setting of these lights in a more extensive way.

Installation & Operation

These BlitzWolf BW-LT32 are, perhaps, among the simplest lights to install. There is, in fact, no need to configure them with the smartphone, since they do not communicate with any dedicated application. They don't have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Simply connect the controller to the LED strip and then to the power socket at home. Once this is done, the device is ready for use, and it is not necessary to perform any other preliminary operations. In case you want to place it behind one TVHowever, it will be necessary to fix it on the plastic of this product, taking care to glue all the various components well.

Those who have already owned one of these products will certainly not find themselves in difficulty. With the remote control it is possible, in fact, to change any type of color and use, among other things, various different modes. They are present, in fact, up to 7 dynamic modes that will allow you to go from green to red, from white to blue, following all the various shades. Obviously the colors are very vivid, especially when the intensity of the light is kept at the maximum level. There are well 5 levels different, so if you feel discomfort while watching a movie, you could easily lower this value.

By placing the optical sensor, we will also have the possibility to change the color of the lights according to what is shown on the display. A sort of Ambilight effect, like the one proposed by Philips. If our TV broadcasts a program where green hues prevail, the LED lights will take on this color. It took me a while but in the end I managed to activate the sensor, which after a few empty attempts started to work properly. I must say, therefore, that this dynamic mode is quite nice, working all in all well. Sometimes the colors shown in the background are slightly different than those that are actually reproduced by the TV, but still it is not an aspect that affects their use too much. However, we are not at the levels of what we can achieve with other far more noble producers, since the system in this case does not properly reproduce all the lighting effects that contribute to making TV viewing more immersive.

Price & Conclusions

BlitzWolf BW-LT32 they only cost 20 € about, up Banggood. Let's consider, however, that there are smart products on the market, which therefore connect to the smartphone, sold at similar figures. This means that as good as the quality of this LED strip is, BlitzWolf could have cut the price a little more. Despite this, however, the device is already practically ready for use and is just set up for the TV, whatever it is. This aspect, therefore, certainly works in its favor in the challenge with the competition.

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Always buy quality LED strips. Trust those who, unfortunately, have tried all kinds. This accessory, therefore, has a higher quality than 90% of the products sold on the market. The company has paid attention to some details that are often overlooked, perhaps leading to a premature breakdown of the object. Even if there are no smart functions, which allow you to manage this strip with your smartphone, it remains a more than valid and simple product to use.

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