The 5 best Xiaomi YouPin accessories in AliExpress

best xiaomi youpin accessories

In today's article I decided to report on text one of the most popular sections of our YouTube channel, namely i best accessories of Xiaomi YouPin in AliExpress, which will be followed by the one relating to the best (and strangest) accessories on AliExpress.

I therefore decided to select 5 gadget interesting that, overall, can be purchased with approximately EUR 115. The main focus is on "Home and Kitchen" but there will be some other gems for the outside.

The best accessories from Xiaomi on AliExpress: the ranking of the month

YouPin Eracthin EraClean: refrigerator sterilizer

From the official name a bit convoluted and complex, this one YouPin Eracthin EraClean is a portable sterilizer designed to decrease the food spoilage through the emission of particles of ozone. In fact, its task will be to disinfect and eliminate odors, microorganisms and other contaminants.

youpin eracthin eraclean

We are talking about a practical, portable and long-lasting solution. Finally there is a USB Type-C port to be recharged.

Automatic soap dispenser with display

This beautiful wall soap dispenser has two great peculiarities: the first is we can say goodbye to batteries, as it can be recharged through one USB Type-C port, while the second is that it has a nice which will show us the temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

xiaomi dispenser

Xiaomi HIMO K1 Helmet

Lo Xiaomi HIMO K1 Helmet it is the ideal helmet for anyone who wants to ride safely in the city (or anywhere else) with their electric bicycle or electric scooter. In reality, its uses are varied, but it seems to be particularly suitable for these two means.

xiaomi youpin bike helmet himo k1 k1m crowdfunding

What is its peculiarity? It has a very comfortable visor which will allow us to protect ourselves from flies and various insects. It doesn't cost much, it's comfortable and it's Xiaomi… what more could you want?

YouPin electric toilet brush

Although it is a particular and almost funny product, this one YouPin electric toilet brush it is one of the most comfortable and ingenious things they have ever invented. In fact, in addition to rotating by pressing a simple button, this also has gods UV rays which sterilize the silicone head.

youpin electric toilet brush

Jeeback G2 electric massager

If there is a negative aspect of smart working, it is that it has forced us to stand in front of a PC for several hours without a suitable office chair. This can cause cervical pains or to back and this is where the Jeeback G2 (which by the way we reviewed).

xiaomi jeeback review

In fact, this electric massager will be applied to the neck and through the application We Home we will be able to start the desired massage, allowing us to relieve various ailments such as excessive tension in the neck muscles, poor blood circulation, dizziness and headache.

The best accessories of Xiaomi YouPin of January

Dear readers, that's all for this time. In fact, these were the top 5 gadgets of Xiaomi YouPin the month of January, but we will try to bring you new rankings asap. I wait for you below in the comments if you have suggestions on the next accessories to be treated.

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