The best Pokémon tech accessories in AliExpress!

best pokemon accessories

In the past few weeks we have seen Xiaomi launch a new line of Mijia accessories theme Pikachu and since that day the demands on these gadgets have increased dramatically. For this reason I have decided to collect i best tech accessories of the Pokémon currently available on AliExpress. Will you be able to resist it? Gotta catch 'em all!

The best tech accessories for Pokémon in AliExpress

Electric lunch box

In reality we are not talking about a traditional lunch box, because it is a real one 250W electric food warmer with steam heating and two compartments to divide the rations. Inside we also find two comfortable trays.

best pokémon tech accessories

The price is approx 31 €, there is the possibility to choose the EU socket and to take it of Pikachu, Charmander, Jigglypuff o Squirtle.

Joyoung waffle iron

This very nice gadget features two different metal plates, one for making simple waffle and the other with which toast the bread with the face of Pikachu. It will be really simple to use and you can buy the variant with EU plug.

best pokémon tech accessories

Joyoung electric kettle

Are you looking for a Pikachu themed kettle? Joyoung has the right solution for you, in fact the glass body with the sticker of the Pokémon it will give you the impression of having caught it (or drinking Pikachu flavored tea).

It has a capacity of 800ml, also has an electronic display at the bottom and in 60 seconds it can reach a temperature ranging from 40 ° to 90 ° thanks to the power of 800W.

best pokémon tech accessories

ZINK Xiaomi Pocket Photo Printer

We are talking about one mini printer from Xiaomi that we have already seen in the past and that this time is proposed with a Renewed design theme Pikachu. Today it is one of the most interesting objects for anyone who wants to print souvenir photos to keep for themselves or to give to friends.

best pokémon tech accessories

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3

We always remain in the Xiaomi landscape and this time we introduce the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 da 10.000 mAh, which has always been customized with the style of Ash Ketchum's faithful companion.

xiaomi pikachu accessories

The specifications talking about a maximum output a 18W with two standard USB inputs and a Type-C and micro USB.

Anker Lightning cable

You have the power bank of Pikachu but you don't have the theme cable? Don't worry because this time he thinks about it Anchor with its USB Type-C to Lightning cable for a quick recharge, indeed… Thunder Shock!

best pokémon tech accessories

Anker wireless base

The themed surprises Pikachu in house Anchor do not end, as the company has also made one 10W wireless charging base. Measuring 100 x 100 mm and weighing only 67 grams, this is an object that cannot be missed among Pokémon lovers!

best pokémon tech accessories

The best Pokémon tech accessories

For the moment these are the best tech accessories Pokémon that can be found on AliExpress, but stay tuned to the site and the our Telegram channels of offers because in the coming weeks others will surely arrive and we will not hesitate to bring them back to you.

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