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Xiaovv USB Camera Review: Low-cost webcam ideal for video calling

xiaovv usb camera

We live in a period where we all are now connected. For one reason or another, most people spend several hours in front of a computer. In fact, this tool has now become absolutely necessary even at a professional level. In the last period, then, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this issue has become even more important, forcing several users to "update". In addition to a laptop, however, it is also necessary to deal with the new dialogue systems in force, on all video calls. Reason why this Xiaovv USB Camera it could be just the solution for you, also being quite cheap. Let's find out more about the functioning of this webcam, however, inside this one Full review.

Xiaovv USB Camera Review


Taking a look at the sales package, we immediately notice that this has rather small dimensions. On the front, then, it shows the image of the product contained within it, showing some main technical specifications on the back. Inside the box, therefore, we find:

  • Xiaovv USB Camera;
  • short instruction manual, also in English.

Design & Materials

Xiaovv USB Camera is a very simple one webcam, made entirely in plastic, which shows a rather simple design. Taking a look at the dimensions, therefore, this product measures 100 × 25 x 50 mm, with a weight of approx 100 grams. It is not much bigger, or smaller, than other cameras currently sold on the market, making it quite handy. It is a product, however, designed to remain stationary in one place most of the time, so it is not so important that it is made too well from a constructive point of view. In fact, what matters most are its functionality.

xiaovv usb camera

Looking more closely at the product, we notice on the front a main sensor, placed in the center, assisted by the presence of other elements. Poco in fact, under this component they reside two status LEDs, while on the left we find the microphone main. Obviously, the product then needs to be powered, which is why it is characterized by the presence of a on the back USB cable to connect to the PC. Only by making this connection can the camera actually work. Beyond this aspect, however, plastic turns out to be quite cheap. Therefore, I would have preferred slightly more solid materials that would give a different sensation to the touch.

Video & Operation

There really isn't much to say about that product. At the configuration level, in fact, just connect the USB cable to your PC, and that's it. This obviously applies not only to Windows, but also to all other operating systems currently on the market. Thus, compatibility is extended to Windows7 / 8/10, Linux 2.4.6 and later and, finally, MacOS 10.5 and later. Maximum flexibility, therefore, from this point of view. Once connected to the PC, in fact, the camera is detected instantly and you can use it instead of your webcam.

Xiaovv USB Camera is capable of recording in 1080p, although we do not have more precise information about the sensor mounted inside it. This component, however, has a FOV (Field of View) of 150 °, therefore rather large. Let's say, then, that for what it costs it doesn't even record badly, making it perfect for those who maybe want to start streaming maybe on Twitch. I have been able to test it for several hours consecutively and it has never suffered from any overheating, so from this point of view it is absolutely reliable. The one where it lacks a bit more, frankly, is the audio. In fact, I do not feel like promoting this aspect, even in the face of the ridiculous price at which the product is sold. Let's say, therefore, that it can be good for business or family video calls, but nothing more.

Price & Conclusions

We arrived at one of the most relevant aspects of this product, namely the price. Xiaovv USB Camera, in fact, it is currently being sold on Banggood at about the price 10 €. As mentioned above, therefore, this is a rather low figure that cannot be neglected.

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Xiaovv USB Camera is the low-cost webcam you are looking for! Buy it now on Banggood with our coupon!

More Less

I would recommend it to most users, especially those who need such a device but do not want to spend a fortune on a product that is perhaps too sophisticated. All those who want to pursue a "career" on Twitch, must necessarily turn to other products of slightly better quality. Not so much for reliability, but more for the video quality of the content you want to transmit.

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review-xiaovv-usb-camera-webcamWe live in a period where everyone is now connected. For one reason or another, most people spend several hours in front of a computer. By now, in fact, this tool has become absolutely necessary even at a working level. In the last period, then, due to ...