This Xiaomi YouPin smart bin protects food and gadgets from wear and tear

xiaomi youpin smart basket

You remember this metal bar of soap sold on Xiaomi YouPin, able to preserve the freshness of food? On the crowdfunding platform there is a new product with similar functionality. It consists of a kind of smart basket, a bucket with which it is possible store food and objects and keep them away from the agents of wear and aging. It is made by the third-party company Uah and can also be useful for pet owners.

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On Xiaomi YouPin check out a basket able to better preserve food but not only

This smart basket measures 31 x 20 x 28 cm, weighs 1,5 kg and consists of an external shell with the classic minimal white in Xiaomi style. The internal tank has a maximum capacity of 12 liters (up to 5 kg of food) and integrates a circuit capable of recreating the vacuum, putting the contents protected from dust, humidity and oxidation.


A very useful function for those who have a dog and / or a cat and find themselves throwing food away because it is not consumed in time. Personally, it happened to me sometimes to have to throw away some crunchy biscuits left to take humidity, while with a basket like this I could have kept them up to 5 times longer. But you can also use this bin to hold old electronic gadgets and keep them protected from dust.

The carrying handle allows you to move it easily and there is a 2.600 mAh battery rechargeable via microUSB inside. It is proposed on Xiaomi YouPin in crowdfunding at the price of approx €31, equivalent to 249 yuan of list.

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