Xiaomi YouPin smart hygrometer for guitarists arrives on AliExpress

xiaomi youpin bluetooth smart thermometer hygrometer price

We have learned to know Xiaomi YouPin like a container of really products of any kind, thick and gladly smart. And the new is not exempt Thermometer hygrometer to Bluetooth guitar, which arrives on the portal to a price framed.

Upgrade 21 / 12: the smart hygrometer, previous on Xiaomi YouPin finally arrives in the West on AliExpress. Find the box with the price at the bottom of the article.

Xiaomi YouPin: Bluetooth guitar smart thermometer hygrometer is designed by Chinese master Li Zongsheng

xiaomi youpin bluetooth smart thermometer hygrometer price 2

The product, as often happens on Xiaomi YouPin, it's white and without too many frills, it's a digital thermometer hygrometer with liquid crystal. Like any such product, it serves to maintain the correct humidity and temperature of the guitar, which it usually settles on 40-50% e 20-25 ° C respectively.

xiaomi youpin bluetooth smart thermometer hygrometer price 3

The new Bluetooth smart hygrometer di Xiaomi YouPin it also has a professional basis, as it was designed by the Chinese master guitarist Li Zongsheng, together with his Li Guitar team, leveraging Qingping technology. It applies to guitar Thanks to a magnetic fixing specially designed, consisting of TPU and magnets. The fact that it is smart allows us to monitor the temperature and humidity of the musical instrument from 1 to 30 days means App, for a more precise attention to detail.

The new thermohygrometer smart di Xiaomi YouPin comes at a price of 199 yuan, approximately €25, which for this type of product is all in all right. It is not certain that it arrives in West, but through import channels it could appear like so many other products.

Xiaomi YouPin smart hygrometer arrives on AliExpress | Price

After a few months, the hygrometer Xiaomi YouPin exits the Chinese market and also arrives in the West thanks to AliExpress, which brings it from us to a price even lower than that in China, since it costs €20.37 and remains lower even with the shipping costs of €2.14. In short, for those in the sector it is truly unmissable!

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