Did Xiaomi already know about Snapdragon 888 two years ago? The background

The bomb launched by Qualcomm with its new top-of-the-range chipset at the start December 2020 it certainly did not go unnoticed. In fact, it Snapdragon 888 is certainly talking about itself, but it changes everything if Xiaomi launches another interesting indiscretion by posting a curious tweet that alludes to the fact that he already knew from his arrival.

Xiaomi: in 2018 the reference to 888, then the revelation two years later on Twitter for the Snapdragon, what is the truth?

The game in which he participated Xiaomi regarding Qualcomm's latest chipset, lo Snapdragon 888, makes it the real protagonist right away. Also because, the brand will be the first manufacturer to launch one smartphone with that SoC and by the way it was right Lei Jun to anticipate the early rumors as to why it was called that.

xiaomi snapdragon 888

To confirm that the feeling between Qualcomm e Xiaomi was quite important though, it gives us a tweet that the Chinese giant has posted in these hours, which takes up a previous one of August 2018, where he wrote precisely "888… what do you think it is? " and at the time the brand referred to the triad of My 8 (standard, SE and Explorer Edition) but now that "Now you know what we were referring to”By placing the hashtag with the name of the Snapdragon of the 2021, has raised some curious doubts.

Irony, pun, awareness or collaboration? A mixture of all this. Most likely, the brand played on a synergy situation born with Qualcomm which he brought Xiaomi to know in advance the name of the chipset presented to end of 2020, indeed perhaps it helped the chipmaker to name it in this way Snapdragon 888. What does this tell us? That Xiaomi it is increasingly influential but also increasingly considered in a tech landscape that is seeing more and more important growth of the Lei Jun brand.

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