Xiaomi, OPPO and I live in the Top 10 of the most reliable brands in one of the most important markets in the world

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Often a product is bought precisely because the brand it relies on is a certainty and has always worked well. For this, finish in the Check these top 10 to the most reliable brands in India to Xiaomi, OPPO e live it is certainly a great achievement, in a particular year like 2020.

Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo among the top 10 most reliable brands for their smartphones, but Dell is Queen in India

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According to the latest report based on the business trust TRA, the 10 most reliable brands in India turn out to be brands that we are used to seeing pretty much everywhere, even in our country, just like Xiaomi, OPPO e live. In fact, the three Chinese giants finished second, sixth and tenth respectively thanks to the efficiency of theirs Mobile Department, a sign that their smartphone are among the preferred by users.

The brand that won the standings is the IT manufacturer Dell, which marks a clear preference thanks to his PC for two consecutive years. Present in the ranking Samsung both with the Mobile, both with the TV, Apple with iPhone, LG TV, Sony Entertainment (PlayStation) is Maruti Suzuki for cars. The report was drawn up through the preferences of 1.711 influencers from 16 city dell 'India.

In short, despite some problems faced by the brands of Chinese smartphone, India remains tied to these brands, which are now noteworthy and above all are considered very reliable by the public.

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