Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro: this is what the camera could look like

xiaomi mi 11 fake images

According to the latest rumors regarding the My 11, the top of the range with Snapdragon 888 it should debut a lot earlier than the Chinese brand's standards (we are even talking about the end of December!). Obviously with such news it was impossible not to expect an avalanche of leaks, rumors, images and so on, regarding the new flagships: in addition to the specifications, some images dedicated to Xiaomi Mi 11, but they are not convincing at all and it is almost certainly fake.

7 / 12 Update: the first leak images dedicated to the new top of the range have been denied by Xiaomi, but now new renderings arrive that show us how the photographic sector could be. Find all the details at the end of the article.

Xiaomi Mi 11: the company denies the images that have appeared on the net

Obviously it is good to emphasize once again that the images and rumors in this article do not come from the usual sources (such as DigitalChatStation, a well-established name in the panorama), but from various leaks that have begun to run on the Chinese social network Weibo. The images you see above would refer to a poster and some shots from vivo dedicated to the next Xiaomi Mi 11. Based on what we see, it seems that the top of the range of the Asian house can adopt a layout unusual for the camera, with a module square busy by three: sensors.

Given that it seems a poorly made solution and definitely too cheap for a top of the range, it is clear that the fake is around the corner, even given the unknown sources. Indeed, if we really had to mention a leak, we point out that the good DigitalChatStation this morning he decided to tease users precisely about the camera layout of the next Xiaomi. According to the insider we might even have a form horizontal (other than square).

Although the sources of the images leaked in the past few hours are not exactly among the most reliable, the creator Ben Geskin decided to try his hand at a concept render. Here's how this alleged might be Xiaomi Mi 11, with triple rear camera (in a square module), punch hole and a quad curved display. What do you think? You like it?

Xiaomi mi 11

Meanwhile, even Xiaomi took the field - through the voice of Wang Teng Thomas - to disprove the images that are circulating in these hours: as we had predicted, it is obviously a fake. In addition, the executive has also published a practical guide to recognize Xiaomi's original renders from fake ones: one of the details concerns the lenses of the camera, always greens in official posters for about two years now.

Finally, he invites users to always pay the utmost attention to the quality of the images: the renderings are made by industrial designers and specialized graphic designers ergo it is impossible not to have a good impression welts.

This could be the camera layout | Update 07/12

Xiaomi Mi 11

The images they saw him Xiaomi Mi 11 equipped with a triple square camera they have been lied to by the same company, but meanwhile the rumors about the design of the next top of the range continue. In the past few hours, a Chinese cover producer would have published a render dedicated to custody protective of the flagship, "revealing" the layout of the camera.

Based on what can be seen, we will find a module rectangular oriented in horizontal, containing four sensors and an LED flash (complete with a periscope lens). Also in this case the fake is around the corner and the image is not convincing at all. However, it is worth making a consideration: the leaker DigitalChatStation he spoke - between one rumor and another - about the possibility of having a new layout for the camera, presumably with a horizontal design.

However, as pointed out several times during this article, the rumors come from unusual sources and therefore are to be taken with extreme caution. The cover images appear fake, therefore they must be considered as purely indicative.

For all the leaks, the rumors and the official and unofficial confirmations we refer you to our dedicated article, with all the details leaked (from the most reliable sources) on Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro.

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