The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra clone costs 150 €, but there is a reason

xiaomi mi 10 ultra clone little pepper

Being one of the most coveted smartphones in circulation, one could certainly not be missing clones for the Xiaomi mi 10 ultra. The top of the Xiaomi range is one of the best camera phone in circulation, as well as one of the terminals more powerful than ever. The reason why the suffix "Ultra" was chosen derives from the high-level specifications used, all under the banner of the number 120. Display at 120 Hz, recharge at 120W and zoom 120x are just some of its peculiarities, placing it as one of the most high of this 2020.

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Little Pepper 10 Ultra is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra clone, but the similarities are limited

But with this Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra clone, expectations are much lower, to be polite. Unlike many other clones of unknown origin, this time the manufacturer is a name already known to us. It is about Little Pepper, also known as Xiaolajiao, climbed to the chronicles of the past for the creation of other clones. The most recent is that of vivo X50 Pro, but the list also includes iPhone X e Samsung Galaxy S8, to name a few. Remaining Xiaomi-themed, Little Pepper has "delighted" in shamelessly copying even its devices, as shown by the clones of Xiaomi Mi 6 e My Notes 3.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra clone little pepper

What you see in the images is called Little Pepper 10 Ultra, a clone that points to Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra but with a decidedly more low-budget target. You can understand it only by looking at it, with a display that instead of the hole for the selfie camera da 8 MP it hosts an almost anachronistic notch to drop. Later, the photographic module was recreated in greater detail, although we are sure that the wording "120x" is only there for beauty. Also because the 108 MP sensor remains a mirage for obvious reasons: in its place there is a more canonical 16 MP.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra clone little pepper

Also because the cost of alone €150, or 1.199 yuan, hides a technical data sheet of a very different caliber. Starting right from the screen, with a panel LCD da 6,5 "HD + which immediately makes it clear what this smartphone is made of. Not to mention the hardware sector, with a Snapdragon 865 which is replaced by a MediaTek Helio P60 with memories from 8 GB of RAM, 128 / 256 GB storage and battery from 3.900 mAh instead of 4.500 mAh (and without 120W charging). At least Little Pepper offers the possibility to choose the Transparent Edition, in addition to the Cherry Blossom Pink and Crystal Green colors.

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