Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pikachu Edition arrives on AliExpress

xiaomi pikachu accessories

Xiaomi announced a new line of Mijia accessories which will only please the fans Pokémon, especially for lovers of Pikachu. It had already happened in the past, even with other brands, as in the case of OPPO and its own powerbank and protective covers. The new range of Xiaomi products incorporates some accessories launched in recent months, proposing them in a renewed guise.

Upgrade 24 / 12: after a few weeks from its presentation, the Pikachu-themed Xiaomi Power Bank 3 arrives on AliExpress. At the bottom the link to the purchase.

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Xiaomi and Pokémon: new line of Pikachu-themed accessories

xiaomi pikachu accessories

It starts from Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3, a portable battery with a capacity of 10.000 mAh. The fast charging interface, available with a maximum power of 18W, offers a USB Type-C port, both for charging connected devices and the powerbank itself. In addition to it, there are two Full Size USB ports (input and output), also with 18W support. Among the Pokémon-themed accessories there are also the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2Sfrom us reviewed months ago. True wireless headphones are so tinged with yellow, even with the transport dock itself on which we find the face of Pikachu.

xiaomi pikachu accessories

In the Xiaomi Mijia line there are also less technological Pokémon accessories per se. I refer to the backpack and trolley to carry your belongings while traveling, both distinguished by the face of the Game Freak mascot. Finally, returning to smarter shores, we have the portable printer for smartphones, also known as Pocket Photo Printer.

The Xiaomi Pikachu power bank arrives in the West: available on AliExpress!

Almost two months after its presentation in China, the Xiaomi power bank theme Pokémon or rather, themed Pikachu, also lands on AliExpress and it is finally available to buy for us Westerners. The price and of poco higher than Chinese, but poco bad, as it is still an article that we could define exclusive.

For the other accessories you will have to be patient a little, but it is not excluded that they will arrive soon on the same portal. We will keep you updated by reporting them in this article.

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