vivo Origin OS: the interface with a smartphone face and a PC heart

vivo origin os functions

Since it was unveiled last month, the proprietary interface of vivo, Origin OS, is making a lot of talk about itself. From the first tests, in fact, the heir of the FunTouch OS it shows many functions very similar to those of a PC rendering origin OS more interesting than you think.

vivo Origin OS: here are all the features that make it a small PC

vivo origin os pc functions 3


So how does the new interface work? Looking at early interactions with vivo origin OS, we discover functions that are very reminiscent of those we can find, for example on Windows (always with due proportions). In fact, even just the post-editing of the photo it is certainly more advanced than that of the other software interfaces of other manufacturers, also for the function Vlog, very fast and intuitive.

vivo origin os pc functions 2


In addition to photo editing, origin OS it also stands out for its document management, really very similar to a PC with programs of the Office suite, like on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF without having to install any other third party application to modify them. Excellent and fast too file transfer, again without using other applications.

vivo origin os pc functions

In short, it seems that vivo has simplified the life of its users with an interface that is beautiful to look at but above all really useful and deeply smart. We just have to see it on the brand's smartphones, of which we have reported the Roadmap in these days.

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