Tineco A10 Hero review: with this price it is the vacuum cleaner not to be missed (TODAY ON DISCOUNT)

In recent times we have happened to test many cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaners and, we must admit, all the models we tested convinced us not only for performance, but also (and above all) for the value for money. And this is because in recent years Dyson's competitors in the production of wireless vacuum cleaners have achieved a sort of "qualitative balance", which has led them to really compete with the most famous British company, especially for much cheaper price.

And among all these companies it definitely stands out Tineco than with his Hero 10 Series has long been selling cyclonic vacuum cleaners of excellent quality, probably at the lowest price on the market, always considering the value for money: because yes, it is possible to take home models that cost up to 50 euros, but none of these will reach the quality of the Tineco A10 Hero. We received it as a trial version "Station“, Which instead of the wall mount includes a support to be positioned on the floor, in which the vacuum cleaner and all its accessories can be fixed.

Tineco A10 Hero review: removable battery, many accessories and .. BOMB price

The packaging of the Tineco A10 Hero Station, is the typical one of the company. Made of simple cardboard on which monochrome images are printed, it contains a large number of accessories that will allow the user to use the vacuum cleaner on different occasions.

Inside the package there are the following accessories:

  • Cyclonic vacuum cleaner.
  • Floor station.
  • Spaccola with beak up.
  • Brush with circular head.
  • Motorized brush.
  • Anti-mite brush.
  • Extra-Vortex filter.

Design and materials

As we have seen with the Tineco A11 Master, also the design of the Tineco A10 Hero it tends to bring with it that “I don't know what” of vintage. The whole body of the vacuum cleaner is made of white polycarbonate, with very clear lines and an appearance that brings a little bit back to the 80s. Personally it is a design that I like, but it is clearly my aesthetic opinion that cannot be found by everyone. However, what is objective is that all the materials and the structure of the vacuum cleaner result very resistant to scratches and bumps, and it's a key feature because, we all know, electric brooms tend to fall all the time.

Assemble the Tineco A10 Hero with all the accessories it is really a lot simple, above all thanks to the joints and release buttons. And it is equally simple to disassemble all the internal parts to proceed with cleaning the container and the HEPA filter, which can be washed. under running water.

The imputnatura is also excellent pistol, designed to facilitate use with one hand, which is always very comfortable also due to the rather low weight (1.3 kg) and the rotation of the motorized brushes that will facilitate the movement of the vacuum cleaner on the floor. The larger motorized brush, then, it also integrates five leds designed to illuminate the area being cleaned.

The capacity of the dirt container, on the other hand, is decidedly subdued, which goes from 0.6 liters of the H11 version to 0.4 liters of version A10. In any case, the opening for emptying is one of the most comfortable on the market and is designed to avoid getting your hands dirty during cleaning.

But what I found very sensible is the floor base, present in the "Station" version that we received in test. Being able to have a support to which to attach vacuum cleaners and accessories without necessarily having to pierce the wall, could be a godsend for many people. Me too.

Technical characteristics - Tineco A10 Hero

  • Motor: brushless, 350W.
  • Battery: 2000 mAh removable lithium.
  • Autonomy: Up to 10-25 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.
  • utilization: Wireless - Cordless, removable extension.
  • Maximum noise: 70 decibels (70 dB).
  • Dust container capacity: 0.40 liters.
  • Weight :: body weight of 1.3 kg.
  • Filtration system: 4-stage, completely sealed
  • Operating mode: continuous, power adjustable.

Operation and suction power

Animated by an engine 350w brushless, Tineco A10 Hero it is one of the simplest electric brooms on the market. Its operation is typical of these products, except that it can only be used in two speeds: the “Standard” and the “Max”, ie stronger. And while the former may seem underpowered, it actually is more than enough for daily cleaning even on the heaviest dirt. Obviously if this is more rooted and up to then I recommend you use the mode Max, whose suction power goes much further.

In this case the Tineco A10 Hero goes that is wonderful and thanks to the motorized rotating broom it will also be able to capture the finer powder, leaving no trace of it. I also tested coffee and flour and the results were noteworthy.

Tineco is also one of the very few companies to include an accessory in the package with which the problem related to the decrease in suction power can be solved: it is a pre-filter cleaning tool with which, occasionally, you can also clean this very important component of the vacuum cleaner.

Using it really is very simple: it will be enough to extract it from the body, replace it with a new one and in the meantime insert the old one into the tool. At that point connect the latter to the central unit, turn it on in Max mode, turn the side cover and you're done.


The battery of the Tineco A10 Hero is a 2000 mAh removable. In the package, however, unlike the A11 model, there is only one. And it's really a shame, especially considering that in the floor base included in the package it is also possible recharge another while using the main one in the vacuum cleaner.

In any case, from the point of view of autonomy, more could have been done (and this is where a second battery in the package would have been perfect), because with the motorized brush in standard mode we come up to 25 minutes of use, While in mode Max we reach the maximum 10 minutes.

Price and considerations - Tineco A10 Hero

The official price of the Tineco A10 Hero and of 199,00 euro on Amazon, but clicking on "Apply Coupon"You can receive an immediate discount of 29,00 euros: in short, by taking advantage of this limited time promotion, you could take it home to 170 €. And believe me, it could be your deal of the month.

And it is precisely the price that is the center of all the analysis of this product. If compared to other models in the category and, above all, to the quality of the vacuum cleaner, the quality / price ratio of the Tineco A10 Hero climbs very high.


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