SMIC starts 7nm chipset development: new Huawei Kirin coming?

smic chipset 7 nm huawei development

Certainly very special days for some Chinese producers, given the latest signs of US government outgoing. Among these, there is certainly the SMIC chipmaker which, after the flick of the tail of Trump, It is found banned but he did not finish his for this Research and development, which will soon finally lead to new ones chipset a 8 o 7 nm, which could encourage a return of Huawei smartphone with SoC Kirin.

SMIC: the development of 7 nm chipsets passes through the second generation “N + 1” architecture

smic chipset 7nm 2

So how does the last "effort" of chipmaker Chinese? The work that SMIC is doing for Research and Development in the field of semiconductors a 7 nm is moved by the architectural project "N + 1" second generation, obviously superior to what led to the production of chipset a 14 nm (i Huawei Kirin 710A, so to speak).

This new FinFET process, has allowed during these months the companies affiliated with SMIC to complete the production chain, so as to start a small-scale supply at the beginning of 2021 to the most interested, certainly Huawei, to create an offer for mid-range smartphone.

According to estimates, i chipset a 7 nm (perhaps more a 8 nm) Of SMIC, should have an efficiency of 20% higher and lower energy consumption of 53%, which could be just right for you Huawei. In short, something can be seen and the Chinese chipmaker could shorten, albeit by poco, the competition to date learn with TSMC, already at 5 nm.

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