Samsung tries to grow in China: the challenge to Huawei and Xiaomi starts

samsung sales growth china

If in recent years we have seen the strong growth of Chinese brands in the West, soon we could see the advance of a giant that makes huge numbers for us right in the Middle country. In fact, Samsung is trying to increase more and more sales in China, but will have to guard against well-known and very strong competition.

Samsung: Huawei's decline in sales an opportunity, but keep Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo in China it is tough

samsung china huawei xiaomi

The move by Samsung to grow in China its sales stems from the difficulties caused by US sanctions a Huawei, which today has a limited supply. In fact, it is expected that the Chinese giant could record sales by "sole" 110 million units, therefore with a decrease of 42% compared to 2020. For the South Korean giant it is a huge opportunity to take a more difficult slice of the market.

And indeed, the growth di Samsung it could however be limited by other Chinese giants, very strong at home like Xiaomi, but also OPPO e vivo. The ecosystems of these three big brands make any reasoning in terms of sales complex, given that they are very integrated in the imagination of the technology market in China.

Obviously, this does not prevent Samsung from conquering the Chinese smartphone market, so much so that the foldable Galaxy W21 is currently among the devices released at end of 2020 most appreciated, as manifested by the benchmark of Master Lu.

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