Xiaomi Mibro Air review: it costs poco, but there is something to review

xiaomi mibro air

Let's say that in the last period among the best-selling products on the market we certainly find the w. Whether it's a smartwatch, sportwatch or smartband, the substance does not change. Not everyone, however, is willing to spend large sums for devices of this type, especially if the demands are not so high. This is why, over the years, there has also been a sort of revolution in this sense in the smartwatch sector. Some brands, in fact, have tried to offer something valid at a lower price than expected, trying to attract as many users as possible. Xiaomi Micro Air therefore, it tries to do just that, meeting the needs of most users. With fewer functions and a decidedly low price, however, will it still be able to guarantee a good user experience? I don't want to give you the answer right away, so stay tuned with us and enjoy this Full review.

Xiaomi Mibro Air review


Taking a look at the packaging, we immediately notice a detail. Unlike other competing products, in fact, the dimensions of the box are really small. Xiaomi has not inserted, in fact, many components inside, except the essential ones. In the sales box, therefore, we find:

  • Xiaomi Mibro Air;
  • USB cable with magnetic pins, for charging the product;
  • short instruction manual, also in English.

Design & Materials

As also indicated on the official website, Mibro Air consists of a central case in aluminum made with a single piece. This means that there are no screws or other gimmicks holding the various parts together. Taking a look at the bottom, however, you can see the presence of a surface in polycarbonate showing the magnetic pins for charging and the sensor for detecting the heartbeat. Beyond these aspects, however, the product is very light (40 grams) and measure 42mm x 9,2mm thick. To this is added, then, a 20mm soft silicone strap, which compared to other rival products is quite comfortable and comfortable. I believe, however, that this solution is almost certainly not so successful in the summer months. In case you use it a lot for physical activity, therefore, I recommend purchasing a strap with many more air intakes than those present on that model. It will be very easy, then, to change these accessories, since the disassembly system is the typical one of almost all the other smartwatch models currently on the market.

xiaomi mibro air

On an aesthetic level, this smartwatch looks pretty good and is pleasing to the eye. Mibro Air, therefore, is certainly elegant and comfortable to use, giving the impression of having a higher market value than what it really has. I must say, then, that the brand has opted for a minimal design, excluding all those futile details that could have distracted from its so harmonious forms. In fact, there is a single button on the right frame that can be used to enter the menu or to return to the Home.

xiaomi mibro air

We do not find many certifications on this product, but it is still present enough. In fact, Mibro Air is equipped with one IP68 certification, which therefore makes it practically immune to water and dust. In the shower, as well as in the pool, you don't have to worry about taking it off your wrist.

xiaomi mibro air


Xiaomi Mibro Air presents a TFT circular from 1,28", obviously in color, with resolution 240 240 pixels x. I must say, therefore, that if the product had not cost so poco I probably wouldn't have saved that component, but in this case I can't do otherwise. Beyond the colors, which are quite bright, the definition is poor and in the sunlight it is not easy to view all the contents on the screen. On board this model, in fact, an automatic brightness sensor is missing, so it is necessary to set this parameter manually. Let's say, however, that I still appreciated the surface covered by this component, which practically occupies almost the entire front part, giving a greater sense of immersion.

xiaomi mibro air

Obviously, like any self-respecting modern smartwatch, this Mibro Air is also equipped with a touchscreen. I would never have said that, but this component is really satisfying. While browsing the various menus, it is possible to appreciate excellent fluidity and a good response to the touch. Here, therefore, this smartwatch undoubtedly earns a few points more than many other competing wearables.


At the moment I don't actually know which chipset it is driven by, but I can give you some information on the sensors mounted inside this low-cost smartwatch from Xiaomi. Mibro Air, therefore, mounts a Bluetooth 5.0 and a PPG sensor which offers a fairly reliable heart rate detection.

We are not in the presence of a device equipped with different detection functions of our state of health. All those functions are missing, in fact, which I personally consider a bit superfluous, especially for the degree of precision and reliability they offer. For example, here we do not find the monitoring of oxygen levels in the blood, but I do not find this aspect so negative always in the face of what has been said poco does. There is the essential, and this is what matters.


Unlike Xiaomi Mi Watch, here we find a completely new integrated system. I must say, however, that I particularly appreciated it, and now I'll explain why. By accessing the main watch face, with a rotation of the wrist or by clicking on the button on the right frame, we have an overview of some data relating to our health. Everything varies, however, based on the chosen watch face. Beyond this, however, I can say with certainty that I would have expected a wider choice in this sense.

from watch face main you can scroll to the left, with a swipe, thus accessing some summary screens of our activities. These can be customized, adding new ones or deleting the preset ones, so it really depends on how you organize them. What does not change, however, is the screen we are facing with a swipe to the left from the home. Here, in fact, you enter the smartwatch menu, which proposes this arrangement of icons that greatly enhances the circular design of the product. The name of the setting or function you want to open is shown in the center, with its icon located on the right. Everything is quite intuitive, therefore simple to use.

xiaomi mibro air

Starting from the function that we see first, within this menu we have: Do Not Disturb, Stopwatch, Weather, Sleep Monitor, Find Phone, Timer, Settings, Music Control, Heart Activity Monitor, Camera Control, Sports, Data, Messages. These, of course, are the translations of the various items on this screen, given that the Italian language is not yet available. I remind you, however, that here there is also a window showing the various quick toggle, as well as quick access to notifications, which can be activated with an upward swipe from the main watch face.

Sports Activity & Operation

There are not a few sports mode that are monitored by this accessory. Inside the item Sportsin fact we find Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Walking, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, Cycling, Trekking, Basketball, Exercise Bike, Yoga and Free Workout. Obviously I have not been able to try them all, especially in this period where the more you are at home the better. Beyond this, however, I was able to do some lighter activities, like one walk, detecting all the various data monitored by this Mibro Air. I was not satisfied, however, with the results obtained in calculation of the steps, and not only. This figure, for example, is overestimated and not of poco, given that often at the end of the day Mibro Air also detected over 2.000 more steps than those shown by a Mi Band 5. I must say, therefore, that in this respect it is not absolutely reliable.

xiaomi mibro air

It goes slightly better with the heart rate monitoring, which did not show any particular critical issues. I must say that from this point of view Mibro Air is certainly more accurate, not showing sudden peaks in the graph that could suggest a malfunction of these sensors. Obviously, for the record, I kept this sensor active 24 / 24h. What did not satisfy me at all, however, is the sleep monitoring. In fact, during all the days of testing, the product struggled to understand the exact moment I went to sleep, sometimes detecting and recording data with a discrepancy of more than 2 hours. Even when I continued to be awake, perhaps during a gaming session or a TV series on Netflix, the smartwatch detected sleep. I believe that this aspect, however, can be improved perhaps with a future software update.

On this smartwatch, or sportwatch depending on what you prefer, you can receive notifications from some main applications on the Play Store, but it is not possible to interact with them. We will only have a chance to read them. This also applies to phone calls, so when a call arrives we can answer remotely but we must always have the smartphone at hand to talk to our interlocutor.

Micro Fit

Here I refer for a moment to a speech made in the previous paragraph, so if you haven't read it, go and retrieve it. Specifically, in fact, I want to tell you about the official application for smartphones with which it is possible to interface this unit. In addition to having an initial setting very similar to that of Huawei Health and other similar apps, has a rather questionable Italian translation. Even in this case, however, an update could put a patch on this problem. I was therefore satisfied with the subdivision of the various categories in the Home, which show the main data relating to our health. What left me a bit perplexed, however, is the management of some parts.

In addition to viewing the steps taken, With calorie data, on the distance and so on, further down we have the window relating to the heart rate, sleep, body weight, sports, fatigue and effective activity. Entering one of these boxes, however, we immediately notice an inconsistency. Why if it is 15.00, the monitoring time goes up to 22.00? It is not a joke, but as you can see from the photos it is just like that. I therefore believe that the system travels with its own time zone, which does not match the Italian one at all.

Another problem: after a certain hour of use, the smartwatch no longer connects with theapplication. I always have to turn off the smartphone and proceed with pairing again to get some results. And this happened to me not with a smartphone, but with all four different models on which I tried the product. Beyond this criticism, which I hope can be resolved soon, I must say that all the most important settings pass through this app and all work properly. There is only one thing that does not seem to work, perhaps also for some personal fault that I have not yet been able to trace, and it is the weather.


Net of a rather pushed use, with many notifications and monitoring of the heartbeat active 24 / 24h, I have not been able to go beyond the 4 full days of use. On board, however, there is space for one battery da 200 mAh which, perhaps, could not have done better under these conditions. We have, in fact, a rather bright display, but what makes the difference is the activation of the various monitoring systems, which extremely stress this component.

Price & Conclusions

Xiaomi Micro Air is sold on AliExpress about 25 €. I speak to you in all sincerity, therefore, telling you that at this figure as far as I am concerned it is possible to find better. Especially with regard to performance, because in this case at the design level it is not possible to make any notes: Mibro Air is well built and much more beautiful than many other competing devices.


The new Xiaomi Mibro Air, the super cheap smartwatch, arrives on AliExpress! Buy it now!

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25 €

Unfortunately there are some problems that I don't know as far as they may depend on a software update. Starting right from the step count, absolutely off the scale, to finish monitoring the sleep absolutely poco reliable. If we add to this the critical issues encountered with the app, such as the poor translation into Italian, that's it. It is, therefore, a smartwatch that had the potential to place itself at the top of my preferences, but that was unable to meet expectations properly.

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Let's say that in the last period among the best-selling products on the market we certainly find wearables. Whether it's a smartwatch, sportwatch or smartband, the substance does not change. Not everyone, however, is willing to spend large sums on devices of this type, especially if ...review-xiaomi-mibro-air-specifications-price