D-Link DIR-X1560 review: the cheap Wi-Fi 6 router!

D-Link DIR-X1560
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Inside our homes there are more and more devices connected to the network, from smartphones, notebooks and PCs to light bulbs, home speakers and appliances. For this reason it is important to have, in addition to a good connection, also a performing router, fast and that it does not cause bottlenecks in the distribution of the network to the various devices. For this reason in today's review we will see the new D-Link DIR-X1560 us Wi-Fi 6, which is proposed as one of the best alternatives at an affordable price (for its category).

Will he be able to confirm the expectations? How did he behave during our tests? Let's find out together in the article!

D-Link DIR-X1560 review

Unboxing - D-Link DIR-X1560

Inside the sales package we find the following equipment:

  • D-Link DIR-X1560 router;
  • power supply;
  • adapter with EU socket and English socket;
  • ethernet cable.

D-Link DIR-X1560

Design and construction

Let's start with the construction because the D-Link DIR-X1560 it was made in plastic well made and with a good assembly that will allow it to withstand even accidental falls.

D-Link DIR-X1560

On board we find 4 non-removable antennas, four gigabit ethernet ports, one WAN port, power button and WPS button. There is no USB port.

The size is average, that is 251.6 x 166.5 x 194.2 centimeters for a weight of 410 grams and we find a simple design overall, but with lines that are reminiscent of the more expensive gaming routers.

D-Link DIR-X1560


  • Wireless standard: 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6;
  • 4 simultaneous streams, 1024 QAM technology
    and OFDMA to increase speed, range
    and network efficiency;
  • Channel configuration: 2 × 2 at 5 GHz up to 1200 Mbps, 2 × 2 at 2.4 GHz up to 300 Mbps;
  • CPU: Triple ‑ Core at 1.5 Ghz;
  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant;
  • Additional Features: Multicast support, MU-MIMO, SmartBeam, SmartConnect band optimization.

D-Link DIR-X1560

As we can see from the data sheet, the total bandwidth is 1500 Mbps, that is 1200 Mbps of 5 GHz and 300 Mbps of 2.4 GHz, both dual band. The improvements over the previous generation Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 5) also result from a wider bandwidth thanks to the standard 1024-QAM, without forgetting that with Wi-Fi 6 it is possible to manage multiple devices at the same time without a hitch thanks to technology OFDMA + MU-MIMO.

However, the D-Link DIR-X1560 it does not use the bandwidth of the channel a 160 MHz, but only that a 80 MHz.

Configuration and performance

For the first configuration the steps to be performed will be very simple, as it will be enough to connect the D-Link DIR-X1560 and interface with it through theapplication owner or through the web app reachable from browser a this address.

From that moment on, the instructions shown on the screen will show you the steps to take. The UI, however, is very basic, both for PCs and smartphones and, moreover, both have more or less functions between them. For example on the app we find the parental Control, while from a browser no.

For the rest we can manage all the appropriate settings such as those relating to the firewall, VPN, port forwarding, QoS and more. In short, we find a fairly complete and easy to read package.

With regard to performanceInstead, I start by saying that unfortunately with my connection it would have been difficult to work miracles. The improvements found are one less latency, especially good in gaming, and a greater coverage even in the most remote rooms of the house.

D-Link DIR-X1560

I kept an average of approx 10 connected devices simultaneously without showing particular criticalities, although a couple of times I have encountered brief slowdowns.

In general, however, it manages to guarantee good performance as long as you have one good connection, because otherwise hardly any router will change the situation.

Finally, we find compatibility with both Alexa that with Google Assistant, then we can order our home speaker to activate the Guest network or for example to disconnect the connection.


Il D-Link DIR-X1560 it is proposed in the router market as an economic solution, as other devices with slightly better specifications go to significantly increase the price.

During these weeks of use it performed well thanks to better coverage across the home and not showing critical issues even with many devices connected at the same time.

Currently the D-Link DIR-X1560 is available on Amazon about 83 €, but in the previous weeks we have seen it go down to 69 €. Obviously, in order not to miss the next discounts or flash sale, subscribe to ours Telegram channels from GizDeals.

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Last updated the 16 / 09 / 2021 18: 49
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