Realme Smart Cam 360 ° official in Italy: towards an increasingly complete ecosystem!

Realme SmartCam 360

The event of the 7 last October a riot of Asian home products was confirmed, among headphones, Smart TV e smartphone. Many innovations, initially limited to the Indian market but which are beginning to peep out even further. And in fact, the first Realme room is also available in Italy, a surprise appearance on the official portal of the brand and on Amazon: no more chatter, here are all the details on Realme Smart Cam 360 °, the security camera of the company that makes its ecosystem even more complete.

18 / 12 Update: Realme's first surveillance camera debuts in Italy. Find all the details on price and availability at the end of the article.

Realme Smart Cam 360 ° is official in Italy: all about the brand's first security camera

Design and features

Realme Smart Cam 360 °

The first telecamera di sicurezza of the brand comes with a minimal design and a great desire to expand its ecosystem. Realme Smart Cam 360 ° it is made of polycarbonate and has a very simple look, with a shape now widely tested by the sector and a white body.

Realme SmartCam 360

The main sensor is capable of providing a vision at 360 ° of the surrounding environment, activating the rotation of the chamber on its base. The device can also be positioned on the ceiling, in order to become even more discreet in the home (or in the office, if you prefer).

Realme against Xiaomi with a 360 ° ecosystem

Realme Smart Cam 360 °

There is no lack of the classic features of this type of product: we have the night vision, motion detection and memory expansion. The device is capable of recording 1080p clips, with WDR algorithm and 3D noise cancellation.

Realme Smart Cam 360 ° official in Italy: price and availability

Realme SmartCam 360

The price of the security camera Realme Smart Cam 360 ° and of €39.99 at the current exchange rate on the official website of the brand. Here is the main page of the product while below the link on Amazon: at the moment it is not yet available on the e-commerce platform, but it is very likely that it will arrive in the next few hours. If you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

Last updated the 01 / 04 / 2023 12: 28
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