Proscenic 850T review: at this price the robot that vacuums and mops floors is UNBEATABLE

I admit, before trying the Proscenic 850T I was very biased. And I was not because I don't trust the company, on the contrary, for years the brand has represented a cheap and good quality alternative to the most famous brands. I was so because, after trying some of the best robotic vacuums and scrubbers of 2020, I was convinced that the performance of the Proscenic 850T were proportionate to its very low price.

But I was wrong, and when I am wrong in this way I can only be happy: actually the Proscenic 850T was one of the biggest surprises among the robotic vacuum cleaners and scrubbers I tried in 2020, and it was not only for the price (it costs poco more than 230 euros) but above all for the quality and the suction power.

Proscenic 850T review: among the best robotic vacuum cleaners and scrubbers of 2020 for quality / price ratio

Package Contents

Made of cardboard and totally monochromatic, the packaging of Proscenic 850T it is very “basic”, but full of accessories of all kinds, especially when compared to that of direct competitors in its price range.

Inside the box with which the Proscenic 850T we find:

  • Robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners;
  • Dust container (in the body);
  • 2-IN-1 container;
  • Magnetic tape;
  • Cloths for scrubbing floors;
  • Cleaning brush;
  • Side brushes;
  • Remote controller;
  • HEPA filter;
  • Charging base.

Design and materials

Made with the typical circular shape, the design of the Proscenic 850T it's very simple. At the top there is no laser mapping turret, and the glossy black plastic cover has drawn lines that form a sort of U. It is 8,3 cm tall and has a diameter of 32,5 cm, the which makes it one of the most compact in its category, allowing it to slip into areas where larger models (and especially those with the laser turret) would not be able to enter.

Also in the upper part there is a touch panel which includes two buttons with which you can manage the start-up of the robot, or you can return it to the base, under which you will find the WiFi signal indicator with which you can always check the status of the connection to your network wireless.

We are talking about a robot that not only sucks up dirt, but that washes and polishes floors and for this it is possible to use two separate containers: the one designed only for vacuuming dirt has a capacity of 500ml, while the combined one (i.e. the one in which the dirt will be accumulated and which contains the water for washing) manages to contain 280 ml of powder and 300 ml of water. And, of course, these are not the largest containers seen in such a device, but they are more than enough for cleaning management in an apartment of about 120 square meters.

Excellent wheels, decidedly bodied, which pushed by powerful motors will allow the Proscenic 850T to always overcome obstacles and also to climb small steps, as long as they are not higher than about 1.5 centimeters, or to vacuum also on carpets: but, be careful, in this case it is important to deactivate the washing mode.

The only one sore point of the Proscenic 850T, in terms of materials, it concerns the charging base: Xiaomi's engineers have well thought of producing a very compact and light charging base, which, however, I definitely found poco stable on the floor.

Application: ProscenicHome is better than I thought

The management of the Proscenic 850T takes place via the application Proscenic Home, that is the app with which the company has decided to centralize all the devices of its ecosystem, a bit like Xiaomi does. And I must admit, although initially I was not a fan of it, I had to think again even if there is one detail that I just could not make me go down.

After connecting to the wireless network and the first mapping of the house, which I recommend to do by eliminating all the obstacles that the robot vacuum cleaner might find in its path, the control of the different washing and suction modes, all the integrated functions in the robot vacuum cleaner they can be modified and managed with extreme simplicity.

even the Proscenic 850T creates a rather detailed floor plan of the house, which however is not memorized: in a nutshell, a new floor plan will be created every time you switch off or restart the device.

You can also manage the scheduled cleaning, check the cleaning report and the state of wear of the accessories (such as filter and brushes) and access a guide that will help the user to associate with Alexa, in order to manage the cleaning even with the voice.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to use it, you can totally replace the application with a good old one remote control included in the package, with which advanced functions can also be managed, such as water flow regulation.

Suction power and cleaning quality - Proscenic 850T

Okay, so, remember when I considered "incredible" (and yes, the quotes are intended) the 2600 Pa suction power of the Viomi V3? Well, know that that of the Proscenic 850T manages to surpass it, and even by a lot: the company's robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber is able to arrive at 3000 Pa, and it's a pretty good result considering the selling price.

In our tests the Proscenic 850T has managed to vacuum pretty much anything, from dust to hair, from animal hair to weird concoctions that I scatter on the floor every time I test a robot vacuum and floor cleaner. Washing is also good, which is clearly more suitable for polishing and / or sanitizing surfaces rather than removing stubborn stains, which can be managed according to 3 levels of intensity. Noise is average and varied between 62 and 75 dB, according to the chosen suction mode.

Also good navigation and obstacle management. Despite not being equipped with a laser turret, the Proscenic 850T proceeds to cleaning following a very precise logic, which optimizes its performance. There is an anti-fall sensor with which the robot will detect any steps, and it is possible to use three distinct modes:

  • Car;
  • Edge, for the corners and edges of the room;
  • Spot, to clean a specific point of the house with a spiral movement.

Battery life

The battery of Proscenic 850T it is a 2600 mAh and was able to guarantee the vacuum cleaner almost 2 hours of cleaning with the minimum suction power. Clearly, by choosing to vacuum the dirt with maximum power, autonomy suffers a lot, but it continues to be more than enough to clean medium-large rooms.

Average charging times: for a full charge from 0% to 100% battery, they are necessary around 3 hours.

Price and considerations - Proscenic 850T

The price of Proscenic 850T is 239 euros on Amazon (find links and any discounts below). And despite the very low price, it is one of the models that offers one of the best performances in terms of suction power and cleaning.

Sure, the navigation system might seem rather limited compared to the more expensive and noble models, but at this price some compromises are more than necessary. Features a 2-level HEPA filter, great for allergy sufferers, is compatible with digital assistants, has a remote control, in short: at this price, the Proscenic 850T it is almost unbeatable.

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