OPPO patents a bizarre folding block with articulated blocks, here are the images

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Together with Xiaomi e Vivo, OPPO is another one of those manufacturers who usually churn out patents after patents, especially when it comes to folding. On the occasion of MWC 2019 his prototype appeared on video, but since then the traces have been lost. Probably the company preferred to continue its work in private, as well as the rival Xiaomi, of which often and willingly new rumors emerge on the existence of this elusive folding. There have been no more official communications, but with the patents we can see what is boiling in the pot.

14 / 12 Update: from LetsGoDigital come the first renderings of OPPO's foldable, and it's a show. Find all the details at the bottom of the article.

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In the OPPO patents, a strange block folding smartphone appears

Filed with the Japan Patent Office, these are probably among the strangest patents we've ever seen coming out of OPPO's studios. The protagonist is always a folding smartphone, but proposed in four variants, all distinguished by an original block structure. The meaning is the same for all three: to have a livery substantially articulated, being able to be articulated in several positions. In the first version we have a reference to RAZR motorcycles, a sort of flip phone which integrates the photographic sector in the last block in low.

In the alternative versions of the OPPO block folding, however, the photographic module is moved to the rear. Of the four proposals, the second is the only one capable of lean both forward and backward.

With the third variant of the OPPO folding one goes up from 6 to 8 blocks, but the folding points remain two, thus offering only one longer display vertically. On this device we do not see any photographic sensor: it is integrated under the display, as in the case of the previous prototype?

We conclude with the fourth and last variant of the folding designed by OPPO. There are no radical differences from the others, except that the camera on the back reappears. The point of all is basically the same: a shell like this allows you to have one more flexible folding screen, in all senses. However, there are two doubts: the first concerns the arrangement of the internal hardware, having to do with a body capable of folding in several points. The second, more crucial, concerns the software: since Android does not provide a UI capable of adapting to such a display, OPPO will have to take care of optimizing the software accordingly.

Here are the first renderings of LetsGoDigital | Update 14/12

After analyzing how this prototype works, let's also look at the product in more detail in the LetsGoDigital renderings. For some hours, in fact, the images of this phone have been published on the network, which give a better idea of ​​the concept developed by OPPO over the past months. As you can see, then, above we have also left you a video that shows even better the ambitious idea of ​​the Chinese brand.

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