History and elegance for OPPO Enco X, Watch, TV S1 and R1 inspired by the Forbidden City

oppo enco x watch forbidden city

The rediscovery of classical values ​​is the great turning point of the most recent China. In fact, the Chinese government has launched a great action to enhance what has been and many giants have often been inspired by the history and elegance of Chinese culture. Over all OPPO, which took the best of the style of "Forbidden City"(Forbidden City) by Beijing and took it into the headphones Enco x, in the wearable Watch and in the themed wallpapers on smart TV R1 e S1.

OPPO Enco X and Watch Forbidden City: headphones and smartwatch are tinged with the imperial red of the Forbidden City

oppo enco x forbidden city

So what distinguishes these brand accessories from the others? The shape is exactly the same, but the design of the headphones Oppo Enco X (who recently had another special edition) he was born in Watch it is tinged with a red that we would define imperial, inspired by the beautiful Forbidden City o Forbidden City.

oppo watch forbidden city

Even the packaging of OPPO Enco and dell 'OPPO Watch New Jubilee fully reflect the elegance and colors of the monumental area of ​​the Chinese capital. The strap, the case, the case and the earphones themselves have very particular designs that pay homage to the tradition that only the China knows how to donate.

OPPO TV S1 and R1 Forbidden City

oppo tv forbidden city

To seal the whole operation in collaboration with the Palace Museum, OPPO led Forbidden City themed wallpapers also on smart TV R1 e S1, in order to bring out the colors to the maximum with the QLED technology that these televisions can give.

The price of the OPPO Enco it's about 126 € at the exchange rate (999 yuan), while for the Watch Forbidden City New Jubilee has a price per exchange of approx 252 € (1999 yuan). Being so localized as a style, it is unlikely we will see them in West.

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