Logitech MX Master 3 and MX Keys review: a mouse and keyboard that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

The mouse Logitech MX Master 3 and the keyboard Logitech MX Keys they are not brand new products. It has actually been about a year since the company introduced them, but it's worth talking about because, having bought them from poco and strong of my ignorance about it I realized how much a good mouse and a good keyboard can change your life. And they do it especially in a particular period like the one we are experiencing, a moment in which you spend most of the day at the computer, and in addition to getting a big headache you risk pain and fatigue in your hands too.

Because this is basically the reason that prompted me to replace my Magic Keyboard and my Magic Mouse from Apple, two devices that - for charity - I find aesthetically beautiful, but definitely poco ergonomic and not suitable for continuous use of the computer for several hours. So yes, the MX Keys el 'MX Master 3 they really changed my life, and I would like to tell you about my experience.

Logitech MX Master 3 and MX Keys review


Let's start talking about the Logitech MX Keys and, to do so, a clarification is important. The world of keyboards is essentially divided into two types: those of the classic type, that is, with very large keys and with a wide range, and those inspired by notebooks characterized by mostly flat keys, with a very "dry" sound and with all the elements coplanar . Well, the design of the MX Keys takes its cue from the latter, but it improves them thanks to improved ergonomics and practicality, and a small notch for the fingertips in each key, which makes typing much faster and more precise.

And although the keys are slightly wider, those used to a notebook keyboard will be fine with the MX Keys but, conversely, those accustomed to mechanical keyboards may find it uncomfortable. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I am one of those people who have always appreciated "flat" notebook keyboards, and I found Logitech's proposal more than suited to my needs.

The keys are made of plastic, they are from 11 millimeters and are distant from each other by 3 millimeters. Also, each of the keys is backlit individually, and the brightness can be adjusted automatically thanks to an integrated sensor (and absolutely invisible), or through manual adjustment. And no, this is monochromatic light, completely different from the RGB one found in gaming products. There is also a proximity sensor, which will start the backlight as soon as your hands get close to the keyboard.

What is missing, in my opinion, is a Wrist Rest (which can however be purchased as an accessory): sure, not everyone would appreciate it, but given the height of the keys I am convinced that it would have been the icing on the cake.

L'MX Master 3 instead it is the natural evolution of the highly appreciated MX Master 2S, from which it not only inherits ergonomics, but also the excellent sensor 4000 DPI Darkfield able to trace on all surfaces and the same battery, but leads different news in design that drastically improve everyday use and ergonomics. Starting from the side area where it was improved positioning buttons and side scroller, now much easier to reach.

The main scroller is always magnetic type and it is a real wonder to use, there is an entrance at the front USB-C which will allow you to use the pointing device even when charging, while the thumb rest has been partially redesigned and hides an additional customizable button.

In short, from an ergonomic point of view, the two Logitech products seem to have been designed precisely for people who pass by much of their computer life, such as developers, but also journalists or bloggers. And believe me, especially as far as the mouse is concerned, the hands of these professionals over time they will bless the company's designers.

Functionality and connectivity

Both devices connect to the computer via Bluetooth or via the typical pen (which comes in the box), both guarantee one stable and high quality connection and have the ability to be associated with three different devices, which can then be selected via a switch that is easy to reach and very reactive. If you use the software "Flow" moreover, you can also switch from one computer to another without having to do practically anything and simply by moving the pointer towards the edge of the screen: it is an exceptional function, which also allows you to copy and paste a text between one computer and another in total immediacy and even between different operating systems.

Both products are managed by software (called Logitech Options, compatible with both Mac and Windows) with which you can customize the features and, believe me, it is precisely the level of customization designed by Logitech that puts the MX Keys el 'MX Master 3 on a completely different plane than other pointing devices.

In the keyboard it is possible personalize function keys, you can decide to activate or not the direct FN key and you can decide to save specific settings for each of the applications. In short, even if with the MX Keys macros cannot be managed, the level of customization is however very high.

But it is with the MX Master 3 that you get to another level, because the possibilities of programming the keys are numerous and they are all extremely comfortable. Here too you can set specific settings for every application, and customize each of the many buttons available on the mouse. You can then adjust all the settings regarding pointing and scrolling, albeit it is not possible to choose the exact level of PPE to use, but you can only scroll the speed slider.

Battery life

Fantastic battery life. I admit I haven't had a way to charge the mouse yet, but Logitech guarantees for theMX Master 3 70 days of use with a single charge, while as regards the MX Keys I managed to get around 9 days of use with a single charge. And it's a pretty good result, especially considering all the features it integrates, including the backlight.

Price and Considerations - Logitech MX Keys and Mx Master 3

The sale price of Logitech MX Master is 114,90 euros, but via the link below you will be able tobuy at a discount of 99,99 euros on Amazon. Same story for the price of the Logitech MX Keys, which starts from 149,00 € but that you can buy at a discount (always via the link below) a poco more than 100 euro, both in the Mac version and in the Windows version.

And these are high figures, it is true, but absolutely in line with the quality of the two products that, with the risk of becoming repetitive, totally change the convenience of their work flow. Too bad that the keyboard cannot be adjusted in height and that it does not include a palm rest in the package, but the construction level is excellent while remaining a membrane keyboard. OnMX Mouse 3 instead there is poco to say: it is an exceptional product, from which - once you start using it - we will no longer want to separate.


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