Official Huawei HiCar Smart Screen: here is the car infotainment display with HarmonyOS

During the launch event of the series Mate 40, the Chinese giant has made a series of steps forward for its ecosystem, announcing various innovations including also Petal Maps, Huawei's official alternative to Google's navigation app. After so many rumors, Huawei has brought its first to the market di infotainment smart for cars, the HiCar Smart Screen with HarmonyOS to a price fair for what it offers technical.

Huawei HiCar Smart Screen: HarmonyOS arrives by car, all the specifications and the price

huawei hicar smart screen

For some time now it was rumored in fact of a display Huawei by car with HarmonyOS, with increasingly insistent voices that then gave life to the HiCar Smart Screen we see today, which brings very interesting specifications. In fact, let's start immediately with the large screen from 8.9" with HD + resolution (1920 x 720 pixels), with ben 700 thread of brightness and obviously the support to the HiCar system.

huawei hicar infotainment

The basis of smart display per car of Huawei is the first with regulation a 360°, so you can get a view of the entire passenger compartment and everyone present in the car. What is obviously interesting is the webcam present with resolution 2K (unprecedented in these solutions), very useful for controlling bumps, parking and much more. Obviously, it is also adjustable via smartphone. Excellent integration at the application level then, since it supports beyond 30 applications useful for driving and multimedia.

Price and availability

The new Huawei smart car display arrives in China at an exchange rate of approx €213, exchange rate of 1699 yuan. It will be available at home for pre-order starting in 30th December 2020 and on sale sinceJanuary 8 2021. Very difficult to see the infotainment system in the West, but with Huawei never say never.

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