Huawei returns to talk about 5.5G: here's how it will improve all sectors

huawei 5.5g internet connection of everything
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Having the responsibility of developing and encouraging technology that will move people's lives, leads the various giants to improve by looking immediately to the next step. This is what it definitely does Huawei, especially as regards the 5G connection, which however could already see a progression to 5.5G, as already explained some time ago, which would also lead to the evolution ofMe and all 'IIoE (Intelligent Internet of Everything).

5.5G connection: Huawei shows the potential of the Intelligent Internet of Everything

huawei 5.5g connection 2

To explain what will improve with the 5.5G was William Xu, President of the Strategic Research Institute of Huawei. Here are his words: "The next step towards realizing our vision for the mobile industry, which is meeting the requirements for the transformation from the Internet of Everything to the Intelligent Internet of Everything".

In addition, Xu invited the whole industry to embrace the diversity and academic openness, as well as expanding collaboration between industry, university e research institutes in order to promote the joint development of basic theories and technologies.

Of course, the development of 5G obviously depends on investments in the short term, from a ecosystem developed in the medium term and bytechnological evolution long-term. For this, for Huawei la 5.5G connection must be the next step of the mobile, in order to reach these goals as soon as possible.

Finally, here is the final consideration on the matter: "5.5G originated from 5G and therefore must be compatible with all 5G devices. We need to optimize spectrum resource utilization patterns below 100 GHz to support flexible deployment on demand across frequency bands. 5.5G must also be deeply integrated with artificial intelligence to improve air interfaces, networks and services, while meeting the requirements for diversified networks and energy management.".

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