Huawei: its 5G will help the agriculture of a Brazilian state

huawei 5g infrastructure brazil agriculture

Many things have been said, especially here in Italy, about the technology of 5G connection, often not exactly favorable. But, as things stand, the new network can bring many benefits to the health of many elements, from human beings (for operations) to agriculture, as happened with the project that the Brazil started with the 5G infrastructures di Huawei to save the crops of soy nello Goias state.

Huawei: 5G infrastructure to combat soybean crop diseases in Brazil

huawei 5g brazil 2

According to what reported by the administration of the Goias state, the region ofagriculture par excellence in Brazil, thanks to the effective actions against crop diseases soy through technology and 5G infrastructures di Huawei. This sounds very special, considering that the South American state had excluded the Chinese giant from the ban on supplying some time ago.

How does this operation of the 5G di Huawei in Brazil? Through gods sensors, positioned on fields, on harvesters and even with gods drones, in order to offer immediate and accurate weather and humidity data. This is thanks to the combination of fast broadband communications with cloud data processing. This way, farmers will have the right information for soy cultivation within an hour, whereas previously they needed three days.

In short, another important implementation thanks to the intervention of a 5G increasingly useful and essential to improve everyday life, waiting for it to actually become for everyone, like Huawei and others aspire.

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