Huawei cornered: the US pushes for the 5G ban also in South Korea

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From what we are seeing in this period it seems that the issues between Huawei and the United States are not being resolved. Although Trump was forced to leave the White House, the desire of the US government to oust Huawei from its own is not appeased 5G network, and not only. In fact, in recent months the US has put pressure on several states in this regard. Not least, therefore, precisely that of South Korea.

Huawei already has a strong presence in South Korea

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Taking a look at the extension of 5G equipment of Huawei we note a very interesting aspect, namely that in South Korea this line is already quite developed. One of the country's operators, therefore lg plus, using it for some time. Between pocoHowever, things could change in favor of the United States, as political pressures to dismantle this network from South Korea become more and more insistent.

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South Coreal has almost its hands tied in this respect. All the military reports with the USA, in fact, they are not in favor of a peaceful resolution of this question. This country, in fact, has strong contacts with the United States, especially from a military point of view. In the event that it were necessary to dismantle Huawei's 5G network, therefore, the state could not help but deprive itself of it.

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