Dreame T20 Review: The gap with the Dyson V11 is getting thinner

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That Dreame, one of Xiaomi's satellite companies, has long been producing many quality and affordable wireless cyclonic vacuum cleaners, it's a fact. And it is an ongoing premise which, fortunately, applies to every model of the brand. We saw it with the Dreame V11, or with the Dreame V10 Pro, and we also find it with the brand new Dreame T20, the latest wireless vacuum cleaner born from the Chinese company that promises to be a great update of the V11.

And even if the battery is smaller than what we find in the V11 (let's talk about a 2700 mAh removable against a fixed 3000 mAh) and the noise is slightly higher than the "old" model (let's talk about 73, 79, 84 dB against 65, 69, 73 dB), the Dreame T20 will arrive on the market with a feature that will make it the only, true, alternative to the Dyson V11: a suction system managed by a processor capable of recognize the materials on which it will operate and automatically adapt the cleaning methods. Which means that the Dreame T20 it will not only be suitable for floors and parquet, but also for carpets and rugs.

Dreame T20 review: the cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaner recognizes surfaces and is ever closer to the Dyson V11

Package Contents

The packaging of the Dreame T20 as usual it is full of accessories that allow an excellent versatility of use and that make it decidedly more convenient even than other Chinese products. Unfortunately, one is not included in the package second battery.

Specifically, here is all the contents of the Xiaomi Dreame T20 package:

  • Cyclonic vacuum cleaner;
  • Metal tube;
  • Brush with motorized roller and joint;
  • Motorized anti-mite brush;
  • Extension tube in flexible plastic;
  • Crevice lance;
  • Lance big mouth;
  • User manual also in Italian;
  • Fast guide;
  • Wall bracket with screws and plugs for charging;
  • Wall charger with 30V / 0.8A - 24W output.

Design and materials

Also in this case design and materials are of excellent quality. And even in this case, regardless of its minimal style, the Xiaomi Dreame T20 it totally loses the touch and feel of a Chinese product, and becomes more and more a product that seems premium even at the first approach. It weighs 1.7 kg, the dominant material is polycarbonate, and the whole structure is gray, except for the tube that will be used to clean the floor and the rear area where it has been inserted a color OLED display on which you can view the main functions relating to suction, battery and recharge.

Excellent hooks for the different accessories, which are always firmly attached to the vacuum cleaner and which have a simple disassembly button with which removal or assembly are immediate and simple.

And we also find the same simplicity in the system of battery release, which will then allow you to replace the power supply of the vacuum cleaner in order to continue cleaning even if the energy runs out. And it is not a convenience poco, which we have found in products like the Jimmy JV85 Pro, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

There is also the "Hold" functionality, which will allow you to vacuum without having to keep the trigger pressed all the time: once the product is started, just press the button with the padlock positioned in the upper area of ​​the screen.

The dirt container, on the other hand, is always the same, and is characterized by the typical opening downwards. A choice that must be learned to handle with dexterity, to prevent dirt from falling on the hands during cleaning. The whole system of HEPA filtersmoreover, it can be taken apart and washed under running water.

Technical sheet - Dreame T20

  • Engine revolutions: 125.000 per minute;
  • Suction power: 25.000 Pa;
  • Noise level: max. 84 dB;
  • Dimensions: 126,5 x 25,5 cm;
  • Container capacity: 0.6 L;
  • Battery: 2700 mAh replaceable;
  • Charging time: 4 hours (approximately).

Suction power and operation - Dreame T20

There are 3 operating modes and vary, in addition to the power, also the battery life (which we will discuss in depth in poco).

  • Eco mode: it is recommended if you use the vacuum cleaner every day and in environments where the dirt is light or of poco thickness.
  • Medium mode: more than enough for daily cleaning. This mode is a good compromise between autonomy and power;
  • Turbo mode: aspires whatever you find in front of you, be it cereals, soil or even sugar and flour.

Then there is the surface recognition, which is always active regardless of the suction mode but which is only possible with the largest motorized brush: whether you are using the cyclonic vacuum cleaner in medium or low mode, Dreame's technology will recognize the surface on which it is working and will adapt the suction power and the speed of rotation in the brush.

Excellent maneuverability, which is also facilitated by the motorized brush which "lightens" the work of those who are cleaning. As for convenience we are therefore at the top: the Dreame T20 it is the only model that, to date, can compare with the handling of the Roborock H6 Adapt.

Also excellent suction on carpets, and that's where the Dreame T20 it outclasses the V11 and puts itself on the same level as the Torque Drive of the Dyson V11: the brush hardly entangles and the cleaning is done deeply. Good job.

Then in the package, there is the anti-mite brush, excellent for sofas and beds for example, or one rigid rectangular nozzle with which you can vacuum for example the cobwebs (and which also integrates a small extendable brush), or another brush accessory which will be very convenient for removing dust on smaller furniture and surfaces.

Battery Life - Xiaomi Dreame T20

La 2700 mAh battery integrated in Xiaomi Dreame T20 is able to guarantee a good autonomy, even if not the best in its category: in eco mode, it is possible to use the vacuum cleaner for about 70 minutes without ever reloading, times that go down to 30 minutes in Media mode ea 10 minutes in turbo mode.

Sure, the battery stays the only real compromise of this type of cordless vacuum cleaner, but the fact of being able to extract and replace it is still a plus that few products make available. However, the charging times are decidedly long: for a full charge, from 0 to 100% battery, it will take about 4 hours.

Conclusions and selling price in Italy - Xiaomi Dreame T20

Il price in Italy of the Xiaomi Dreame T20 is around 350 euros, but I advise you to always keep an eye on any coupons (you can find them below) with which we will communicate all the discounts available: when it is on offer, you can take it home at around 250 €. In any case, as the company has accustomed us by now, this is a figure more than adequate for the product. And it is especially so considering the quality, the number of accessories included in the package, the power and the presence of the technology to adapt to different materials.

And if you are wondering if the Xiaomi Dreame T20 is the best Chinese wireless cyclonic vacuum cleaner, the answer is simple: most likely yes. Because now, even Dreame has a product not only of excellent quality, but also able to compete with the Torque Drive of the Dyson V11. In short, the gap between Chinese cordless vacuum cleaners and those produced by the famous English brand is getting smaller and smaller.


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