The ANC Qualcomm becomes for everyone with the TWS Zen headphones at a discount with Coupon and shipping from Italy

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A good one Bluetooth headset, but in general the headphones currently on the market, to be considered of a high level they must have a small but important prerogative: the active noise cancellation. The price however it is often very high, but thanks to TWS ANC headphones as the 233621 Zen (yes, the brand name is numeric only), enhanced by the Qualcomm chipset, this problem can be circumvented thanks todiscount offer with Coupon su Geekbuying and shipment da Italy free.

233621 Zen: TWS ANC headphones are among the most interesting on the market thanks to the discount with Coupon and shipping from Italy on Geekbuying

discount code 233621 zen offer headphones tws anc 2

So what are the specifications of these unpronounceable but interesting wireless earphones? Their form factor is in ear, which facilitates the process of active noise cancellation (ANC) of the TWS 233621 Zen headphones on offer on Geekbuying, but they also have others technical thick, like the new chipset Qualcomm QCC5124, but also a very good battery from 85 mAh for headphones e 300 mAh for the case, which guarantee about 10 hours of consecutive listening and 22 hours with the charging compartment.

Then there is no shortage of 233621 Zen the decodings Bluetooth SBC, ACC e apt-X and the same Bluetooth is in version 5.0. THE driver I'm from 10 mm, and the transmission distance is up to 15 meters. They then have the IP54 certification.

Then find the new ones TWS ANC headphones 233621 at a really advantageous price of €67.10, Thanks to the 'Discount Coupon offer su Geekbuying, in addition to the very comfortable shipment da Italy for free. Note If you do not see the box with the discount code, we recommend that you disable the AdBlock.

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