Amazfit Bip U review: it can be perfected, but it is the top at less than 50 euros

amazfit beep u

For years now, in the wearable world, Amazfit is synonymous with quality. In fact, over the years we have learned to know the company and, more than anything else, to know its products (see the Zepp Z review). Lots of new smartwatches and smartbands have come out in the last period, so users could be in a confused state at the moment. But let's take a moment to order: if you can't spend too much but still want a rather complete smartwatch, this is the review for you. Amazfit Beep Uin fact, it might just be the right product for most users, not just younger ones.

Amazfit Bip U review


As usual, equipment of this type is rather essential. In fact, inside the sales package we find:

  • Amazfit Bip U;
  • product refill clip;
  • short instruction manual.

Design & Materials

There is no doubt that taking a look at the design of this smartwatch immediately comes to mind a certain target audience, or the most youthful one. Amazfit, in fact, tries to focus a lot on this sector, meeting the needs of different market segments. This Bip U, therefore, comes with a form factor rather similar to other products of the brand, launched for some time, like the same Beep. In addition to inheriting its name, therefore, also the shapes are affected by this derivation showing a central square case that on the front shows the name of the company. Taking a look at the dimensions, then, we see how this product measures 40,9 x 35,5 x 11,4 mm, With a weight of 31 grams. The whole structure is made of polycarbonate and the strap, 20 mm, is made of silicone. Reason why this accessory weighs so much poco, making it very comfortable in everyday use: after a few minutes you hardly feel it on your wrist anymore.

amazfit beep u

Also this version, like Amazfit Bip U Pro, is certified to resist water up to 5 ATM. This aspect, however, did not have a big impact on the size of the device. Taking a look at all its components, then, we notice the presence of a physical button on the right, placed in the center of the side frame, which acts as On / off button and the Home button. Turning the product 180 °, however, you come across the various sensors related to monitoring cardiac activity. Nothing too different, therefore, compared to what has been seen on other similar products, even from competing brands.

amazfit beep u

I don't have a huge wrist but I must say that the strap it is quite comfortable. This, in fact, can be placed on different levels, although I must admit that a problem could arise. If I think of the summer period, in fact, I believe that a solution of this type can in the long run become uncomfortable, creating excessive sweating on the wrist. In my opinion, therefore, if you use it a lot in sports, you need to buy another type of strap, perhaps with more air intakes to allow the skin to breathe better.


Amazfit Bip U mounts a TFT in color from 1,43" and with resolution 320 302 pixels x. It is not, therefore, a completely square unit, showing at the bottom also the company logo that I honestly would have also eliminated in favor of a slightly larger panel. This, however, is not a premium device, even from a price point of view, so it is normal that there are some sacrifices.

amazfit beep u

I must say that i colors, however, they are valid but it is not always easy to view all the contents on the screen, especially in direct sunlight. Obviously, then, the upper surface is touch, so it is possible to interact with the system through the classic gestures that we find on all smartwatches of this type. I have not noticed any critical issues with this component, resulting rather reactive and precise in any situation. Unfortunately, an automatic brightness sensor is missing, which would certainly have been useful on a unit of this type.

Via the Zepp app, you can change over 50 different watch faces, some of which are also customizable. We will therefore be able to enter the data that interest us most, always having available, for example, the step count, heart rate, weather and much more.

Hardware & Connectivity

Looking at the data sheet, some disparities emerge between Beep U e Beep U Pro. We have only tested the basic variant and on this some components are missing that, surely, would have been useful. Therefore, we do not find the geomagnetic sensor, the main microphone and the GPS integrated. This last feature, perhaps, is the one that made me turn up my nose the most, because in my opinion it must be implemented on such a sports device.

Despite everything, we find the Bluetooth 5.0 which turned out to be absolutely flawless, but not only that. Inside this unit there are also other sensors for the constant monitoring of some parameters. We find, therefore, the BioTracker 2PPG, gyroscope, L 'accelerometer, stress monitoring and percentage of oxygen in the blood and sleep monitoring. As on other devices from the same company, I found the BioTracker truly exceptional, able to accurately detect the heartbeat rate, as well as several other parameters related to health. I kept the 24 / 24h beat detection active and I didn't notice values ​​that were too different from those detected with the Mi Band 5. There are no peaks in the graph, a sign that the device has always worked well from this point of view.

Calls cannot be managed, speaking directly from the smartwatch, also because, as mentioned, there is no microphone inside. We can, therefore, only display the notifications, always passively. Here, however, the smartwatch at least manages to show us theicon of the app from which we received the message, and more. We will also have the opportunity to read the text completely and, above all, to see the emoticons sent to us.


I remind you that Amazfit Bip U does not integrate GPS, but only uses that of our smartphone. After each outdoor activity, therefore, in order to view the route, you must connect to your phone and then enter Zepp. Here, therefore, within the same activity we will be able to view the complete map of the route. Beyond this aspect, however, here we find more than 60 different sports modes, some of which are quite classic. There is therefore no shortage of running, walking, swimming, cycling and much more.

amazfit beep u

Let's say that I have not had the opportunity to try any activity, managing to use more frequently only the one related to walk. I can tell you, therefore, that the step count is quite accurate, but honestly I would not have expected anything worse from this product. Amazfit, in fact, has never disappointed me in this area, managing to monitor all the activity in a timely manner. Obviously, part of the reports relating to a particular sport are also visible on the smartwatch, but to get a complete overview you need to go to the relevant app on your smartphone. However, I recommend that you always keep the watch firmly on your wrist, especially during physical activity, to avoid incorrect data being detected.

As always, the detection of blood oxygen levels leave some time you find on such products. This measure, in fact, can only give us an idea of ​​our state of health, however failing to match the precision returned by professional instruments. Different speech, however, for the monitoring of sleep that here manages to be consistent, detecting in an almost always correct way the time in which you fall asleep and that of awakening. Obviously, then, all the data relating to the quality of sleep are visible in a wider way on Zepp, where the REM phase, deep sleep, light sleep and much more are indicated.


You have got to see, perhaps, the new ones Amazfit Zepp. We have already brought the review on our site, and on those occasions you have had the opportunity to appreciate the design of the interface. Here, therefore, we find the same type of system, with the single button that allows you to enter the menu, moving inside it through the classic gestures. From watch face main, then, with a swipe downwards you access several quick toggles such as the flashlight, brightness and several other options. With an upward swipe, however, you enter the notification area directly. Then, by swiping to the right, it is possible to view some summary screens, such as the one dedicated to health, To heart rate, To music and weather.

As mentioned, the software installed on this Amazfit is always the same, so in the main menu we have the following items: Stress, PAI, Heart Rate, SpO2, Exercise, Activity, Weather, Music, Alarm, Events, Widgets and Settings. You will not find anything more than this, therefore, because this software does not allow you to install others inside it third-party app. This is certainly a point in its favor, although many users do not think in this way, because it allows the product to have greater stability in all conditions of use.


We have talked about it extensively in other reviews, but here I still want to bring you an overview of this one application for smartphone. From poco, in fact, Amazfit has decided to rename this software, implementing rather minimal graphics inside it. I think it is one of the most valid alternatives in this area, since it never turns out to be confusing either poco clear. Therefore, already only on the main page, it is possible to instantly see all the main sections such as heart rate, steps, sleep monitoring and poco other. Within each single section, then, all the information is contained, in a timely manner, which investigates various aspects.

It is a balanced software that, in fact, can also be good for the sports fan who loves to keep track of all his activities and the data connected to them.


Under the dial of this Bip U there is a space battery da 230 mAh. An autonomy of 9 days is declared on the official website, but the conditions that are described to achieve this goal are almost impossible. In the sense that, as far as I'm concerned, I never went beyond 4-5 days of autonomy, keeping the heartbeat detection active 24 / 24h, receiving several notifications every day and using the walk mode for less than two hours overall. Not quite what I would have expected, but still it can be fine for most users. Obviously, in the event that sport-related modes are taken advantage of more, expect even shorter battery life.

With regard to the recharge, it goes from 10 to 100% in about 2 hours with a 5V / 2A charger.

Price & Conclusions

Amazfit Beep U is currently being sold on for approx 50 €. This is not an exorbitant amount, therefore, especially for what is offered.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.


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Thanks to its color display, in fact, it is possible to keep a slightly more beautiful product on the wrist than all the other models of the Bip series. Therefore, you have the feeling of having a premium product in your hands, despite the fact that the materials are still "poor". It is clearly not, however, a device suitable for those who love to do sports on a daily basis, taking into account even the smallest details in terms of data. If you are part of this group of people, therefore, you will have to turn to other shores.

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Hardware & Connectivity
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amazfit-bip-u-smartwatch-reviewFor years now, in the wearable world, Amazfit has been synonymous with quality. In fact, over the years we have learned to know the company and, more than anything else, to know its products (see the Zepp Z review). Lots of new smartwatches have come out and ...