59S X1 review: a travel sterilizer, compact and easy to use

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With the recent pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19) the need arose to sanitize all surfaces as much as possible. In fact, every day we touch an incredibly different amount of objects, which could even be infected. Obviously, we are not talking only about Covid, but also about others bacteria ed virus. Reason why one portable sterilizer it could represent a partial solution to the problem. Among the leading companies in the production of similar devices we certainly find 59S, of which we have already tried some products (see the reviews of 59S S2 e 59S X5). So, the new 59S X1 it is certainly a candidate to be one of the most useful products in this area, being simple to use and very compact.

59S X1 review


That it is a compact product can also be seen from the sales package, which is really quite small. Within this box, therefore, we find:

  • 59S X1;
  • short instruction manual, in English;
  • USB / microUSB cable.

Design & Materials

It is probably one of the most compact products in this sector. This 59S X1, in fact, measures 140 x 69 x 17 mm, with a weight of just 92 grams. I must say, therefore, that it is easily transportable, finding space in any medium-sized bag or, alternatively, in a backpack. With these dimensions, therefore, it will not be difficult to find a place for it. Taking a look at the materials, then, we notice the presence of a structure made entirely of plastic, gray with orange inserts.

59s x1

Looking at the bottom we see how the brand has decided to insert well 6 UVC LEDs, arranged two by two, which therefore cover the entire surface. There are also some essential elements in this product, which, if necessary, can be closed on themselves to reduce the space occupied. I speak to you, therefore, of two moving parts which effectively hold the entire structure upright during the sterilization procedure of the object beneath it. These are also made of plastic and show a good solidity. I advise you, however, not to force them too much to prevent them from breaking after a few uses.

59s x1

This product shows two main keys. By holding down the button for a few moments ON / OFF the device turns on and it is therefore possible to sanitize it. The other button, the one located on the left, is simply used to start a quick sanitization process lasting 59 seconds. Poco further to the right, then, we have the microUSB input which is used only for recharging the product. As you can see, therefore, it is possible to use this device immediately without any tutorial, given its extreme simplicity. I would like to point out, however, that some safety information is indicated on the front that recommends that you keep your skin and eyes away from UVC LEDs.


A few historical notes on the company are always important, especially when it comes to products of this type. 59S is therefore one of the most renowned companies in the room sterilization sector. Within their catalog, in fact, there are many different products, all characterized by the presence of a proprietary sterilizer system, which promises to instantly eliminate 99,9% of bacteria. In confirmation of their fame, over the years some of these devices have also received some awards such as the IF Design Award 2020, Good Design Award 2019 and others.

As mentioned above, this device is very easy to use. To turn it on, in fact, just hold down the ON / OFF button for two seconds. We will understand that everything works perfectly because a Green LED, on the top, which will remain on. This will start flashing only when the sanitization procedure is activated: at this point we will see the UVC LEDs light up and the green LED flash, until the process is completed. I remind you, in fact, that clicking on the button ON / OFF once the product is turned on, this procedure will last 180 seconds. Taking advantage of the button on its leftinstead, we will start a much faster solution, from 59 seconds.

59s x1

All information regarding operation and safety measures are indicated inside the instructions manual. This is entirely in the English language, but with a translator on hand it shouldn't be a problem to understand everything written in it. Leaving aside this aspect, however, I can tell you that I have tried the 59S X1 in different situations with different types of objects. Not just smartphones, therefore, but everything that can be inserted under this surface, such as keys, headphones, USB sticks, cloths for glasses and much more. Surely I have already talked about it in other reviews of this type, but I repeat: I cannot certify that this device works at 100%. The package contains some information regarding various hospital certifications, but it's always up to you to believe it or not. I can only tell you that, in fact, LEDs give off an intense light, perhaps more incisive than what I have seen on other similar products. This aspect, therefore, reassures me about its effectiveness.

What I found really comfortable, especially in recent days, was the possibility of being able to take it with me without any problem. In fact, I happened to enter another house for a moment, and to take advantage of this product to sanitize my smartphone. Same thing I did, for example, coming home after every short outing.

Price & Conclusions

59S X1 is currently for sale on Amazon at the price of 31,11 €, on sale. It is certainly not a low figure for such a product, but still in line with what is offered on the market. These are much requested accessories, especially in this period, so to have a certain quality you never go below a certain threshold. In case you are interested in a portable product, easy to use and very intuitive, I recommend purchasing it. I found this type of solution really brilliant, even if I have no certainty about its real usefulness. Reason why I always recommend acting in a certain way: do not carry out the sterilization procedure only once but, perhaps, at least a couple of times. This will certainly increase the chances of the device's effectiveness.

59S X1 - Amazon

59S X1 is the new compact sterilizer, ready in an instant. Buy it now on Amazon!

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