The new Xiaomi water dispenser is also a purifier

xiaomi mi desktop water dispenser

Xiaomi continues to enrich its ecosystem with an eye to cooking, as demonstrated by the launch of this new one Mi Desktop Water Dispenser. After the three models launched in recent days, this new device aims to integrate two products into one. It not only acts as a dispenser but also as a water purifier, thus ensuring a certain cleanliness of the drinks we taste.

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Xiaomi Mi Desktop Water Dispenser is the perfect ally for those who want clean water

Having a Xiaomi Mi Desktop Water Dispenser means being able to prepare hot drinks in a few moments, thanks to the internal heating motor. Whether they are tea, herbal teas or infusions, just set the relative settings using the OLED display integrated in the front part. This screen allows you to get information about modes, temperatures, quantities and reminders.

Inside the dispenser there is also a professional system of 6-stage reverse osmosis, with the ability to filter water and retain any impurities. It is possible to find out the status of the internal filters using the aforementioned display, with a longevity of around 2000 liters (the tank holds up to 5 liters). Everything is powered by a 2100W motor, able to heat the water in just 3 seconds and with a temperature accuracy of 1 ° C. Needless to say, the Xiaomi Mi Desktop Water Dispenser can be controlled via the app. Mijia. It is sold on YouPin at a price of €166, at the exchange rate of 1299 yuan.

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