Xiaomi Mi 10T review: better him, or the Mi 10T Pro?

xiaomi mi 10t

To be honest Xiaomi, perhaps, he exaggerated. At the moment, in fact, on the market we find a myriad of products of this brand, not only medium-low range smartphones, therefore, but also top of the range. With the series My 10, then, let's say that the Asian brand has really unleashed, offering a solution valid for all price ranges and for all types of users. All this choice, however, also risks confusing the consumer, especially when within a category of products of the same company the difference is so small as to make any buyer waver. This, at least, is the feeling of loss I experienced with the new one I 10T, which differs almost in no way from Mi 10T Pro (here the full review), costing even less. How did it behave in daily use? Is it really worth choosing it, then, over the more expensive variant?

Xiaomi Mi 10T Review


Exactly like on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, here we find a fairly complete sales package, showing however a white packaging. Inside this package, therefore, reside:

  • Xiaomi Mi 10T;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • soft transparent TPU cover;
  • brief instruction manual;
  • pin for removing the SIM slot.

Design & Materials

I would not like to be redundant in this review, but there will be many references to Mi 10T Pro. Here, in fact, we do not find only purely aesthetic similarities with this device, since the dimensions are identical, measuring 165,1 x 76,4 x 9,33 mm. It goes without saying, therefore, that in terms of manageability, the same problems found with the Xiaomi flagship are highlighted, making it difficult to use with one hand in most situations. If we also add a weight of 216 grams, it is clear how this smartphone turns out to be quite large in the hands of any user. I must say, however, that once again the company has hit the mark from the construction point of view, creating a well-assembled device, with a glass back cover Corning Gorilla Glass 5 completely shiny. In our coloring, Cosmic Black, it almost seems to have a mirror in your hands.

xiaomi mi 10t

Xiaomi Mi 10T proposes, as on Mi 10T Pro, a fingerprint sensor on the right frame, which also integrates the On / off button, accompanied by the volume balance. There is no shortage of it below system speaker, first microphone, the entrance USB Type-C and SIM slot. Going to the upper surface, however, we find the according to microphone and the IR sensor. I want to point out, however, how in terms of design absolutely nothing changes with the Pro variant, even as regards the rear photographic module. This, in fact, always holds well three sensors distinct, including the single flash LED.

xiaomi mi 10t

I think it is necessary to warn you about poor oleofobicità of the rear glass, which, being practically mirrored, gets dirty even just with the look. Also in this case, then, the photographic module protrudes a good millimeter from the profile of the device and this creates an annoying step on the flat surfaces, which not even the silicone cover can mitigate.

Unlocking Systems

We will talk about it later, but for now I only tell you that an AMOLED display has not been inserted on this smartphone. This means, therefore, that Xiaomi had two choices for the implementation of a fingerprint sensor: could insert it laterally or on the rear frame. He therefore opted for the first option and I must say that the choice was a winner. In the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro video I had included this component among the five best things about that phone, and here I repeat it. This sensor, therefore, also on this terminal has always proved to be precise and reactive, unlocking the device 9 times out of 10. At least as far as I'm concerned, then, it is at the right height, neither too low nor too high.

Obviously, unlocking is not missing face recognition, but having to take advantage of the 2D scanning of the front camera, it is not at all reliable. During the day, therefore, the recognition of the face is rather rapid, but in the evening the unlocking percentages drop drastically.


As mentioned, the display is not an AMOLED but a IPS LCD da 6,67 " with resolution FHD + (1.080 x 2.400 pixels), form factor in 20: 9, brightness of 500nit, support toHDR10, TÜV Rheinland and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 certified. What puts this component on a higher step, perhaps, compared to other competitors, is the display refresh rate equal to 144Hz.

xiaomi mi 10t

I want to immediately address this last issue, the one linked to refresh rate, to tell you that in reality this value is not an absolute quality index. Simply, in daily use, you can feel a fluidity and speed in the system above the average. Not only within the interface, of course, but also in individual applications, provided that these can actually support this refresh rate. As also indicated in the settings, in fact, the system reserves the right to modulate this parameter according to the different needs it meets, by lowering the update frequency to these values, or 30Hz/48Hz/50Hz/60Hz/90Hz/120Hz. It is difficult to say when the smartphone actually remodels these values, given that only in some circumstances there is a profound difference in frequency between one moment and another.

xiaomi mi 10t

There are no differences with what was recorded on the Mi 10T Pro, so from a chromatic point of view the panel is quite satisfactory, even in direct sunlight. Accomplice a brightness sensor up to the situation, which always calibrates the display exactly, allowing us to view all the contents on the screen even in the evening, without blinding us. Like all self-respecting LCD units, however, don't expect crystalline whites and too deep blacks.

Hardware & Performance

Mi 10T comes with a Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 865, therefore an octa-core solution with 1 x 77GHz ARM Cortex A2.84 + 3 x 77GHz ARM Cortex A2.4 + 4 x 55GHz ARM Cortex-A1.8. This, then, is aided by the presence of 6GB of LPDDR5 RAM (there is also the 8GB version) e 128GB of internal memory (UFS 3.1). I remind you, among other things, that the latter is not expandable, because the SIM slot can only contain two nano SIMs.

I continue to reiterate how a configuration of this type is perfect even for the most demanding. I have never encountered any problems in daily use, getting performance practically in line with those recorded on Mi 10T Pro. Here, therefore, my doubts start about the existence of two practically identical smartphones which, with a difference on the list price of 100 euros, move in the same way. As much on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram as on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video e Disney + the performances are at the top. Among other things, then, the certification Widevine of type L1 it also allows you to view streaming content at the highest possible quality. Xiaomi Mi 10T, therefore, does not set any limits.

I was expecting exactly the performance I was able to get on Call of Duty Mobile. This is to say that the Adreno GPU 650 it is excellent, both on more demanding titles, and on games in the Play Store that require fewer resources. Thanks to the excellent feedback returned by the touchscreen, therefore, it is possible to be quite competitive even during ranked matches. Don't worry, then, about the temperatures, because in fact the liquid cooling system (LiquidCool Technology) is very useful, always keeping the surface of the device rather cold. What else?



Da poco a new update has arrived on MIUI 12, which has brought the version to this smartphone MIUI (QJDEUXM) based, of course, on Android 10. Therefore, some new graphics and interface changes have been implemented, slightly modifying some menus. Now, in fact, if you drag the top bar down, on the right side, you access the new control center. On the opposite side, however, it is possible to view the notifications. Nothing so overwhelming, then, but still important at the system level. This more minimal style, among other things, could really please all Apple sympathizers, since it draws inspiration from the control center present on the iPhone.

Don't think that things have changed radically, however. Xiaomi continues to keep faith with the style of MIUI, offering various applications such as the one able to clone our apps or the one related to security, through which to clean the cache, eliminate any viruses and much more. As on Mi 10T Pro, and many other recently updated devices, we find on many apps the possibility of activating floating windows. This allows us, therefore, to browse other programs, or the web, always keeping the chosen application in view. Just tap on it, and it returns to the window.

The usual sore point is represented by YouTube's ADS, but click on them, present in the various system applications. This aspect does not appeal to many users, even if it can be managed and limited in part. Perhaps, in the future, the international version of the software will be cleaned up in this sense, giving us a bit more "western" software.


We have seen how a 10MP main camera has been implemented on Mi 108T Pro. What changes, then, on Mi 10T? Almost nothing changes, except this sensor itself. On board this device, in fact, the brand has opted for the introduction of a main objective from 64MP, a Sony IMX682 with opening f / 1.89. The other two sensors, therefore, remain identical, exploiting the wide angle camera da 13MP with FOV of 123 ° and the smaller sensor, from 5MP, For macro.

Di day the quality is pretty good, not too different from that experienced on its big brother. Good, therefore, the details as well as the colors, which sometimes appear to be a little too dull. This aspect of note especially when you take advantage of the Macro mode, which in fact, in general, is not exactly the best. All the photos taken with this special sensor were found to be devoid of depth, with very little detail on the screen. Instead, I recommend using the wide-angle camera only during daylight hours, especially when the lighting conditions are favorable. In fact, there is no noticeable excessive distortion along the lateral edges and this argues in favor of this mode.

Analyzing the shots taken by notte, I must say that I would have expected slightly more. Let's say that the main sensor captures enough light, even if the performance is not the best after all. Much better, then, with the Night Mode, which shows superior quality especially in correspondence with artificial light sources. Be careful to abuse this function, however, because in some cases it can make some difficulties in processing the image in the right way.

At the front there is a room from 20MP, the same mounted on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, so the considerations are exactly the same. All the selfies I took in these days of testing, therefore, are good for sharing on social media, but nothing more. We therefore have a decent quality in optimal light conditions, while in the evening we lose a few more details. In this case, however, you can resort to night mode, a solution that in some situations can really prove to be quite useful.


With this smartphone, you can record videos in 8K is 30fps, but this is obviously not the resolution I recommend you take advantage of. You would only risk filling your smartphone's memory unnecessarily with files that are too large and, in my opinion, useless. So, head for a more comfortable recording in 4K is 60fps, being able to already enjoy good quality in several respects. I found the autofocus and the general rendering of the images excellent. There is, perhaps, only one drawback, namely optical stabilization. This, in fact, is not exactly the best, resulting practically identical to that shown by Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro.

Audio & Connectivity

This product proposes two speakers main, one placed at the bottom and the other integrated inside the ear capsule. I am almost convinced that, here too, the same configuration that we find on its big brother has been mounted, since the quality is identical. Therefore, we do not have too much bass and this leads to a sound poco full-bodied, which in any case for the price range considered is really good. No problem, then, with the ear capsule during voice calls, where you can speak freely with your interlocutor without any disturbance.

I absolutely cannot complain about the quality returned by the module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band, which even in the points of the house usually less covered by the signal, however, allowed me to surf the net and receive messages from Whatsapp and Telegram. After the latest events related to Covid-19, then, the Government almost completely closed Piedmont, so I couldn't go out too much to test the LTE network. With Fastweb's 4G, in any case, I have not encountered any problems for that poco that I was able to use it. I remind you, in any case, that here we also find the NFC, the IR sensor, the Bluetooth 5.1 and the GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou / Galileo / QZSS.


With its 5.000 mAh This Mi 10T battery guarantees excellent autonomy, even in the most stressful days. Like Mi 10T Pro, therefore, with a mixture of Wi-Fi and 4G, it is possible to arrive safely until the evening without problems, perhaps even going further. This parameter also depends a lot on how the device is used, but I can tell you that using YouTube, Call of Duty Mobile for about an hour, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Excel, three email accounts and poco other, I've never gone under 6 Hours and 30 Minute Screen On. Despite keeping the 144Hz function active, the phone was not particularly affected, achieving incredible results.

I remind you that in the package there is space for a wall power supply from 33W, which therefore allows you to go from 10% to 100% in poco less than 2 hours.

Price & Conclusions

Xiaomi Mi 10T has reached the price di 389 € su Edwaybuy, in the version from 6 / 128GB. We therefore find ourselves more or less always a hundred away from Mi 10T Pro, a smartphone that at this point has almost no reason to exist. I did not really understand, in fact, what Xiaomi's policy is in this regard, especially in this case, by launching on the market two identical products that differ in some absolutely negligible detail in my opinion. There is no justifiable price difference of this kind compared to only a slightly better camera. A gap which, however, is very difficult to appreciate. I believe, therefore, that to take home a flagship it is not necessary to buy the more expensive variant, since Mi 10T already offers everything any user needs.

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