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I live y70
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It has recently arrived on the Italian market too live, a company that has achieved some success in Asia. It is, in fact, one of the most acclaimed brands at home, which has always offered rather valid and cutting-edge smartphones. No wonder, then, that such products also brought here we have won the confidence of many reviewers, thanks to the good value for money. in vivo Y70, therefore, it is precisely one of those phones arrived in Italy that promises to give a push to the mid-range. Will he really succeed? Find out in ours Full review.

Vivo Y70 review


The box in which the smartphone is inserted is very nice, making it rather minimal. Inside, however, there are:

  • live Y70;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • brief instruction manual;
  • pre-applied plastic film to the front glass;
  • soft transparent TPU cover.

Design & Materials

I couldn't figure out if the smartphone is made of glass or polycarbonate on the back, but poco it matters. Thanks to its small size, in fact, it can be held well even with one hand, without too much difficulty. I believe much of the handling, however, is due to the thickness only 7,83 mm, at the curved edges along the back surface and at the weight of 171 grams. I don't want to go too far, but maybe vivo Y70 is one of the lightest devices in this price range. Taking a look at the other measures, however, we have one length of 161 mm and a width of 74,08 mm. Like many other devices, therefore, it develops much more in length.

I live y70

Analyzing the design of this product, we notice very particular light effects on the back, clearly visible especially in the coloring Oxygen Blue. Let's say that compared to the images published on the net, or on the official website, it is difficult to understand what its real color actually is. Beyond this aspect, staying on the back, let's see how alive we have implemented a photographic form rectangular, which protrudes less than a millimeter from the profile of the device and which contains three different sensors, including the dual flash LEDs.

I live y70

I believe that practically nothing is missing on this phone, since on the right side the on / off key and the volume rocker have been inserted, while the secondary microphone and SIM slot, containing simultaneously two nano SIM and a microSD, find space at the top. Taking a look at the lower profile, then, we notice the presence of the audio jack from 3,5mm, the main microphone, of an entrance USB Type-C and the system speaker. As mentioned, the smartphone appears to be rather thin, but I still want to signal the presence of a thin plastic layer between the front glass and the shell aluminum, a detail that I would have preferred was not really included.

Unlocking Systems

vivo Y70 offers two main unlocking systems, namely the fingerprint sensor under the display and facial recognition.

I want to start with biometric sensor placed under the display, which in my opinion is not as satisfying as one would expect. Let's say that the unlocking of the phone happens about 7 times out of 10, not even being quite fast in this operation. It would have been better, perhaps, to use a physical sensor placed on the side, which perhaps could have been more reactive and precise. Beyond this, however, considering the price at which this phone is sold, there is absolutely no complain.


Here is a space AMOLED display da 6,44 " with resolution FHD + (2.400 x 1.080 pixels) and with a screen-to-body-ratio of 90,12%. Despite this, the frames, especially the upper and lower ones, are too marked. There is also a drop notch poco pronounced, which perhaps it would have been more elegant to replace with a punch-hole, a solution that many people do not prefer anyway.

I live y70

I found myself quite well with this panel, since it is still well defined and shows a good color range. Even at slight angles of the screen there is no distortion, a sign that this unit is absolutely worth the price of the ticket. By default, however, the company maintains a rather cool hue, with colors which therefore do not appear to be very incisive. No problem, however, because these can be changed within the settings, being able to activate the Eye Protection Mode if necessary.

Compared to some slightly lower-end devices, here the touch screen it is much more responsive and precise. In this respect, therefore, I have nothing to report. Also as regards the brightness of the display, I must say that the sensor has always been able to calibrate this parameter in the right way, automatically. In direct sunlight, therefore, you will have no problem viewing all the contents on the screen.

Hardware & Performance

Some might be slightly disappointed, perhaps, by the hardware equipment of this unit. Under the body, however, there is a Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 665 with 4 x Kryo 260 of 2,2GHz + 4 x Kryo 260 of 1,8GHz, assisted by the presence of 8GB RAM e 128GB of internal memory.

Although it is an “old” SoC of more than a year, it is still able to perform all daily operations without too many problems. We move, therefore, rather quickly within the interface, even by navigating quickly. I must say, therefore, that for the price range considered, it is possible to access in a rather reactive way all the applications that we usually use in everyday life, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram and many others. With all video streaming programs such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video e Disney + you can enjoy excellent quality thanks to the certification Widevine of type L1, then you can give free rein to your favorite TV series.

I would have expected, perhaps, slightly lower performance in the gaming phase, but this was not the case. This smartphone, with Adreno GPU 610, managed to guarantee me good performances even during the ranked matches of Call of Duty Mobile. I always managed to play with minimal details and a good frame-rate, without too many critical issues.



On board this vivo Y70 we find the FunTouch OS 11, Based on Android 10. It is, therefore, a very successful customization of the green robot software. Here, in fact, we find everything you need to start using the smartphone from the very first steps, with simple and minimal graphics. Among the proprietary interfaces proposed by Asian players, this is perhaps one of the most "Western". Nothing new, however, compared to what we saw, for example, on vivo X51 5G (here you can find the full review).

This software is complete, offering a rather high level of customization. In fact, all the animations can be modified, such as the one for the fingerprint or for charging the device, as well as the font can also be changed. During the games, then, the Ultra-game mode, which allows you to exclude notifications and make some precautions regarding calls. As on many other competing devices, moreover, we find an app dedicated to managing the phone, called iManager. Through this, therefore, we can clear the cache, check the phone for viruses, manage apps and much more. Everything, however, is pretty neat, even on a graphic level.


vivo Y70 offers a rather classic configuration, with a main photo sensor from 48MP (f / 1.8) with autofocus, aided by the presence of a smaller lens from 2MP (f / 2.4) for macros and another sensor from 2MP (f / 2.4) for the bokeh effect.

Di day I was pleasantly surprised by this device, which has always been able to give me back balanced shots from all points of view. There is, therefore, a good white balance and i colors they are quite true to reality. At the level of details, then, we are obviously not at the highest levels but for what the smartphone costs we can be more than satisfied. There is no wide-angle sensor, which in the end can definitely be useful in some situations. If they had, then, they would have really hit the mark. Malgardo this, however, we still have a good sensor for macros.

When the light goes down and there comes notte this vivo Y70 performs pretty well. With the point and shoot, however, I noticed that the sources of artificial light are managed a little too aggressively, overexposing precisely these areas. Everything changes, however, when you take advantage of the Night Mode. With this mode active, therefore, greater care is taken in the calibration of the scene lighting, managing to better manage some more complicated situations. Be careful to stay still as much as possible, however, because minimal movements are enough to ruin the final rendering of the photo.

Anteriorly we find one selfie camera da 16MP with f / 2.0 aperture. Eliminating the beauty effect, I must say that the shots are more than good, both in normal mode and with the bokeh effect. The latter, in fact, is quite accurate. Beyond this, do not expect an obsessive attention to detail, but for sharing on social media in my opinion these images are more than acceptable, especially in good light.

Audio & Connectivity

From the point of view of connectivity we find a module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band really excellent, which manages to pick up the signal even in the less covered areas of the house. The same goes for the LTE network as well, as with the 4G of Fastweb has always allowed me to surf the net without any problem. There is no shortage of the Bluetooth 5.0, the entrance USB Type-C with OTG technology, theNFC e GPS / BeiDou / Galileo / GLONASS. I remind you also, like the SIM slot contains fewer than 2 nano SIM and also a microSD, a feature not poco on such a smartphone.

We find a unique speaker, placed at the bottom, which sounds pretty good. Unfortunately, however, the bass is almost completely absent, so the audio in the end turns out to be poco full-bodied. Despite this, I didn't notice any distortion at full volume. Good yield, then, from the earpiece, as in call have always been able to converse with my partner in a clear and precise.


With this vivo Y70 it is also possible to get to 6 hours on screen turned on during a busy working day. In fact, there is a battery on board 4.100 mAh which all in all is quite balanced. During my tests, however, I mainly used Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Call of Duty Mobile, Gmail and poco other. All those who use poco the smartphone in the space of a day can easily reach the next, with a good 20-30% of remaining charge.

Thanks to the power supply in the package that supports 33W fast charging, you can go from 10 to 100% in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Price & Conclusions

in vivo Y70 is sold by Euronics at the price of 239 €. We are therefore absolutely in line with what is offered on the market, especially for the type of services that are proposed. I must say I was quite pleased with its operation in everyday use, with FunTouch OS that really makes a difference in this area. In fact, there are many customization possibilities offered by the proprietary software, which also combines a good yield from an energy point of view. It is not yet a well-known brand here in Italy, but with products of this type it could really put us poco to arrive on everyone's lips.

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vivo Y70 (Gravity Black) - Euronics

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