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vivo y20s
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Even vivo has finally arrived in Italy, bringing some really interesting products to our market. Perhaps not everyone knows this brand, but you should know that the company is very renowned in China, occupying the top of the sales rankings. This is thanks to the quality of the products sold, not only smartphones but also accessories such as TWS Neo, the new true wireless headphones. Obviously, therefore, among the many devices launched in the last period, we find many medium-low range devices, including this one too I live Y20s. I don't want to spoil you right away what is on board this phone, so stay tuned to our full review to find out.

Vivo Y20s review


As on the other products of the brand, we have a rather minimal package that contains:

  • vivo Y20s;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall-mounted power supply with European socket;
  • wired earphones;
  • brief instruction manual;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • protective plastic film pre-applied on the front glass.

Design & Materials

Analyzing the design of this device, there are no particular ideas that differentiate it from other competitors. vivo, however, has certainly focused everything on simplicity, trying to minimize the roughness. Reason why on the back the photographic form containing a triple room and the single flash LED protrudes less than a millimeter from the device profile. Beyond this aspect, this surface also offers very particular plays of light, with rays that branch off from the photographic module. But how do you hold your smartphone in your hand? I must say that, in this respect, it is without infamy and without praise. In the sense that the dimensions are not contained, by measuring 164,41 76,32 × × mm 8,41, as well as the weight, which settles on 192 grams.

vivo y20s

I have to point out one aspect right away: the rear surface has no curvature along the side edges and, secondly, it really holds a lot of fingerprints. Despite this, it is not that difficult to hold it with one hand, although it turns out to be quite slippery. I remind you, then, how the whole metal frame is interrupted by some fundamental components, showing on the right the On / off button, which integrates the fingerprint sensor, and the volume balance. On the left, therefore, is the SIM slot, containing well two nano SIM and a microSD, while below we have the audio jack 3,5mm, the main microphone, the entrance microUSB and system speaker.

As on other products, even in the home I live, between the frame in metal and the front glass has space for a plastic layer, even quite evident, which it would always be better not to see. Not because it goes to the detriment of the general quality of the device, but only for an aesthetic fact.

Unlocking Systems

On the right frame this smartphone offers a sensor for fingerprints which in every situation proved to be quite precise and reactive. Compared to many other solutions in this area, such as the sensor mounted under the display of vivo Y70, this is faster and less prone to errors. This is why I always prefer a "mechanical" solution of this type, especially on smartphones that really cost poco.

Obviously there is also the unlocking through facial recognition. This method, however, is not accurate in the evening, making it difficult to recognize our face if it is not well lit. In terms of security, then, the 2D scan of the selfie camera is not absolutely reliable, so the less you use it, the better.


Frontally we find a IPS LCD display da 6,51 " with resolution HD + (1.600 x 720 pixels) and form factor in 20: 9. This is a pretty good unit, even considering the nature of the panel itself. Beyond the blacks indeed poco deep and the whites that tend slightly to yellow, the viewing angles are discreet. Pay no attention, however, to the problems of light bleeding especially at the drop notch, because on such displays it is absolutely normal.

vivo y20s

With the touch screen I found myself quite well, they are very reactive and precise in every situation. Sometimes it turns out to be a bit cumbersome, but this problem is not due to the hardware part. The performance of the brightness sensor is also good, which performs well in every situation. Unfortunately, however, the low oleophobicity of the panel and the brightness maximum not quite at the top does not facilitate the view of all the contents on the screen in direct sunlight. Another aspect that has not really convinced me is the width of the side frames, especially the lower and upper part, which could perhaps have been even more contained. This, however, set the stage for a convenient top-up implementation of all major sensors, as well as the ear capsule.

Hardware & Performance

We finally come to one of the most interesting parts, perhaps, of this review. At the hardware level, therefore, inside this smartphone we find a Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 460, therefore a CPU clocked up to 1,8GHz. We then have 4GB RAM e 128GB of internal memory. The latter, however, can be increased via microSD.

I believe that for the price at which this vivo Y20s is sold it is more than satisfactory. In daily use, therefore, with all the main apps I have never encountered any critical issues. You can rest assured from this point of view, because even stressing the device with several hours of navigation on Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube e poco other, the device will never go into crisis. Obviously there aren't many apps that are kept in the background, given only 4GB of RAM, but that's not a problem. All the uploads turn out to be quite fast, certainly in the average of the devices sold at the same price.

Obviously, there is one Adreno GPU 610. This did not allow me, however, to achieve satisfactory performances on Call of Duty Mobile. During all the gaming phases, in fact, I noticed a rather low frame-rate, not being able to play fully competitive on this title. If, however, you use games that are less demanding from the point of view of performance, then you could easily think about buying this smartphone.



vivo Y20s offers the FunTouch OS 11, an Android customization based on the penultimate Google software release. Here, therefore, we find everything you need to start using the smartphone from the very first steps, with simple and minimal graphics. I must say, therefore, that perhaps among the proprietary interfaces proposed by the various Asian players this is one of the closest to "Western" schemes. Nothing new, however, compared to what we saw, for example, on vivo X51 5G (here you can find the full review).

This software is comprehensive, offering a level of Customization quite high. In fact, all the animations can be modified, such as the one for the fingerprint or for charging the device, as well as the font can also be changed. During the games, then, the Ultra-game mode, which allows you to exclude notifications and make some precautions regarding calls. As on many other competing devices, moreover, we find an app dedicated to managing the phone, called iManager. Through this, therefore, we can clear the cache, check the phone for viruses, manage apps and much more. Everything, however, is pretty neat, even on a graphic level.


Taking a look at the back we find a rear photographic module consisting of a main sensor from 13MP with aperture f / 2.2, a secondary sensor for macros from 2MP and aperture f / 2.4 and a last objective, for the calculation of the depth of field, from 2MP with f / 2.4 opening.

Let's say that this sector is not very dynamic but of day he defends himself quite well. I must admit, however, that all the images tend slightly towards warmer tones, while still showing sufficient contrast. In terms of definition, however, we are on a low level, unable to capture many details of reality, a rather normal situation for a sensor of this type. I was not particularly satisfied even the shots taken with the macro sensor, which in my opinion is good from a chromatic point of view but poco accurate.

Di will be the images appear to be rather mixed and devoid of definition. Although the artificial lights are not handled badly, the amount of light captured by the main lens does not allow you to view a clear and sharp photo even in low light conditions. These problems, therefore, would certainly have been solved, in part, by a night mode which, unfortunately, is missing on this phone. I sincerely hope, therefore, that with the next updates the company can add it.

It met my expectations there selfie camera da 8MP (f / 1.8) which in fact always performed pretty well in good lighting conditions. There are various settings within the interface, which also allow you to delete the beauty filter. Despite having removed it, however, in some shots the skin seems to me to be too smooth, so I think it always remains active even in a minimal part. This problem, however, is certainly also due to a poor definition of the image, which produces photos that are still sufficient for use on social networks.

Audio & Connectivity

In the lower part of the body there is the single speaker which, all in all, doesn't sound bad. Of course, as in most cases, the bass is hardly present, so the audio really is poco full-bodied. High frequencies are preferred and this, at high volume, can create some slight distortion. In this case, however, it is also possible to connect your own set of earphones with the audio jack, being able to take advantage of a much better quality. I must say, instead, that from headset capsule I did not notice any particular problems, although sometimes the voice was a little metallic. Nothing so serious, however, and that prevented me from conversing with my interlocutor.

vivo Y20s offers a module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band rather discreet, even if in the less covered areas of the house it showed some uncertainty. Beyond this aspect, then, on the outside, I did not experience any problems with the Fastweb 4G network, which allowed me to surf in complete tranquility even outside the home. There are also other good modules such as the Bluetooth 5.0, the entrance microUSB with OTG technology, the GPS / BeiDou / GLONASS / Galileo and finally the FM radio. Unfortunately, theNFC.


They find space under the body 5.000 mAh di battery, an amount of energy sufficient to carry you safely until the evening, even after a day of work. In fact, even taking advantage of the LTE network a lot, it is always possible to exceed 6 hours of screen on, mainly using Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and poco other. Obviously, this value can change a lot, however, based on the use you make of the smartphone and all the various cell changes (in the case of movements and connection changes, between Wi-Fi and LTE network).

However, with 18W charging, it is possible to go from 10 to 100% in about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Price & Conclusions

I live Y20s is currently being sold by Euronics at the price of 179 €. Let's say that also taking into account the performance returned by vivo Y70 (read the full review here) there isn't much difference. In fact, in everyday use, the opening speed of applications is almost identical, being able to notice a minimal difference only in the gaming phase. In case you don't have to use the device a lot to play on rather pushed titles, then this Y20s is more than recommended. It costs less than the Y70 and offers more or less the same performance. It is not very nice, perhaps, from a design point of view, but still shows an excellent quality-price ratio.

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vivo Y20s (Nebula Blue) - Euronics

vivo Y20s is finally available also in Italy. Buy it now on the Euronics website!

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