TSMC: Without Huawei, 5nm production is not fully exploited

tsmc supply huawei chipset 5nm apple

Two months have passed since the deadline for the supply than the Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC gave to Huawei, especially the last ones chipset a 5 nm for Mate 40. After that date, the manufacturer found himself with practically only one customer to supply, Apple, which has materialized the possibility of finding itself a little behind its competitors for the first time in the coming months and years.

TSMC: the supply of 5nm chipsets for Apple is not enough to avoid losses, but aims at a production of 90%

tsmc chipset 5nm huawei apple 2

According to the latest estimates, the production di chipset a 5 nm di TSMC did not start in the best way, both because of the stop Huawei, both due to the fact that, apart from the supply ad Apple and a small part for AMD, there are no other technology manufacturers willing to use this type of architecture.

Indeed, the goal of the chipmaker for the 2020 has become to use the production process a 5 nm at least by a factor between85 and 90%. Of course, a possible return of Huawei after the development of the American situation, but also of new players, although there is no news to date. This would lead TSMC to be the industry leader again, but there is a risk that it may be late.

This is because estimates indicate that between the 2021 and 2022 i chipset a 5 and even 4 nm of competitors such as MediaTek, NVidia e Qualcomm they will be in the mass production phase, so what until now was the top of the market, could find itself chasing like never before.

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