Tronsmart Mega Pro review: the definitive 60W bluetooth speaker

tronsmart mega pro

Very often we need, even at home, something that can reproduce crystal clear audio in all conditions. Some users, therefore, do their utmost to install an ad hoc system that, very often, they rarely end up using in a single room. We therefore need something that is more manageable and dynamic, without losing points in power. We need something very similar, therefore, to the new Tronsmart Mega Pro da 60W, a bluetooth speaker with a rather generous size, which shows a truly incredible quality. I tell you more about it, however, within this one Full review.

Tronsmart Mega Pro Review


Obviously, being the size of the product quite impressive, the packaging cannot be outdone. Inside, therefore, we find:

  • Tronsmart Mega Pro;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging;
  • travel bag;
  • warranty certificate;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • 3,5mm audio jack adapter.

Design & Materials

It is not a product that goes unnoticed, that's for sure. Despite this, however, it integrates well in almost any environment and furniture, they are quite discreet. In fact, the entire external structure is made of metal, while the two ends, upper and lower, are coated with a very soft plastic material. There are, then, right on the lower surface, gods rubber feet which are able to guarantee excellent stability to this device. As mentioned, however, it is by no means one of the smallest bluetooth speakers, by measuring 250 x 82 x 104 mm, with a weight of well 1,78 Kg. It goes without saying, therefore, that it needs its own space and that its transport must first be planned, especially due to the rather heavy weight.

tronsmart mega pro

This structure is very solid and I have not noticed any kind of problem from the construction point of view. Some of the components mounted on this product, then, are well protected by rubber closures, to prevent the passage of water. This Tronsmart Mega Pro, in fact, is certified IPX5, therefore it can be defined in all respects as a device splash-proof. On the back, therefore, we find the On / off button, the entrance AUX, the compartment for microSD, a door USB-A and admission USB Type-C for charging.

tronsmart mega pro

Above we note various commands, obviously touch, including the call to the voice assistant, the button for the Bluetooth switch, the button TWS to connect two speakers at the same time, the key to modify the various audio profiles, the command to go to the previous song, the one to pause and start the track and, finally, the one to go to the next song. The last two keys, then, are used to exploit theNFC and to change the volume of the track being played.

Technical Sheet

Find below some technical specifications of this Tronsmart Mega Pro:

  • Maximum output: 60W;
  • Transmission distance: 20 meters / 66 feet (open area);
  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 20.000Hz;
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0;
  • Battery: 10.400 mAh;
  • Charging input: 5V / 3A;
  • Charging time: about 5 hours.

Hardware & Operation

We have seen in the previous paragraph, the one relating to the data sheet, the main characteristics of this speaker. It is, therefore, a rather powerful unit that, at the audio level, we will analyze in detail between poco. Before that, however, I want to tell you about its features and how this product is used.

Tronsmart Mega Pro must necessarily be turned on via the button on the back. At this point, therefore, on our smartphone we will have to activate the Bluetooth and enter these settings. It will be really simple to view this speaker among the various connected devices, so clicking on it will pairing the two devices. At this point we can really play any track, checking these tracks through ours smartphone or, alternatively, with the controls on the top of the Tronsmart Mega Pro. Here, therefore, we will mainly have the opportunity to switch from one song to another and adjust the volume via the surface soft touch that we find below. By moving your finger from right to left we will lower the volume, while with a reverse movement we will increase the power of this speaker.

As you can see, this product is also able to interact with thevoice assistant, since the latter can be called up without any problem with our voice, or by clicking on the single button. Obviously the assistant will be started on our phone and through the speaker we will be able to hear what is communicated to us. Tronsmart Mega Pro is compatible with Google Assistant, Crab e Cortana. Only Alexa is missing, so we hope that in the future, with an update, she can arrive too. I haven't said it previously, but all the edges of the upper surface light up thanks to LEDs.


Here we find everything you could want from a product of this type, and perhaps even more. Under this mighty metal structure, therefore, there is a space woofer Central 2 tweeters and a radiator dedicated to better bass dissipation, which give the right body to the songs. There are also two amplifiers, placed inside the motherboard, which manage the power of this device.

I think it is almost superfluous to underline how this 60W speaker shows incredible power, making it practically impossible to test at maximum volume. All this power, however, seems to be slightly unbalanced towards the low frequencies which, in my opinion, are quite marked. In case you want to change this balance a little, however, you can click on the "M“, Selecting two others sound profiles. In addition to emphasizing the bass, the default mode, we can choose a mode that favors the voice and another set that develops a 3D effect. Leaving aside the latter, which in my opinion becomes really interesting by connecting two Tronsmart Mega Pro to the same device, the second setting allows you to better distinguish all the various sounds and frequencies, drastically reducing the power of the bass. Many of the songs I listen to, therefore, turned out to be more enjoyable in this way.


Tronsmart Mega Pro proposes a battery da 10.400 mAh which allow to reach a nominal autonomy of 10 hours. I could not personally test this data, but let's say that a single speaker, even at high volume, can safely take you to the end of your birthday party without problems. In the case, however, during playback it can be connected to the input USB Type-C is preferably used for recharge. The latter, in fact, manages to give the product complete energy again in about 5 hours.

Let's say that the battery can also be considered as a real one Powerbanktherefore, during music playback it is also possible to connect a smartphone to the USB-C input to recharge it. This, however, will have a negative impact on the autonomy of the speaker.

Price & Conclusions

This Tronsmart Mega Pro, from 60W, has a price of approx 65 € su GeekBuying. Obviously it is not a low figure but, for what is offered, not high either. Indeed, it is perhaps one of the best solutions in this area, also considering the power delivered and the audio quality expressed. In my opinion this bluetooth speaker can easily replace a small system, perhaps used for parties, where the rooms are rather narrow and not excessively large. In case you are interested in a solution of this type, therefore, I recommend buying even two, to have a stereo effect without equal in this price range.


Tronsmart Mega Pro is the perfect bluetooth speaker for your parties, with 60W of power. Buy it now with our coupon!

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