Soundcore Mini 3 Review: Don't be fooled by the size

soundcore mini 3
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Now the world of bluetooth speaker has conquered the market, especially in the last period. With the advent of ever faster Bluetooth standards, in fact, many users rely on solutions of this type rather than using expensive Hi-Fi systems. It is not surprising, therefore, that even a store like Amazon is full of such products, including the new one Soundcore Mini 3. It is therefore a rather compact solution, certainly suitable for portability more than many other competing devices. But what does it cost? Find out in ours Full review.

Soundcore Mini 3 review


Taking a look at the packaging, it is immediately clear that the dimensions of this product are rather small. Inside the box, therefore, we find:

  • Soundcore Mini 3;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging;
  • short instruction manual.

Design & Materials

Not many features are indicated on the official website about the product, which is why you will have to partially believe my words. As you can also appreciate from the images that I will leave you in this review, Soundcore Mini 3 is really one of the smallest speakers among those on the market with the same performance. It fits comfortably in one hand and turns out to be pocket, also thanks to the hook on the back which makes it quite dynamic. The whole external structure, however, seems to be made of metal, while a fairly robust rubber surface is located further down. Precisely on the latter, therefore, the brand has decided to insert all the main keys related to connectivity.

soundcore mini 3

This speaker is certified IPX7, so it easily resists water. Obviously, however, to remain firmly on the ground it equips itself with a surface in rubber on the lower part, which is rather soft and "sticky". This feature makes it easy to use on almost any surface, even the smoothest ones. As mentioned, however, here we have some keys related to connectivity, including the On / off button, the key for reduce the volume, the button Multifunction, the key for increase the volume, the button to connect the Bluetooth and its Status LED. Almost close to the entrance USB Type-C for charging, which is protected by a rubber flap, there is space for the main microphone. You will notice that the appliance is discharged when the LED located near the power button will turn red (it blinks if the charge is almost zero).

soundcore mini 3

We find one grid on the upper part, rather showy, which also integrates the company logo. It is a component that in a certain respect gives a bit of character to this product, which otherwise would turn out to be rather anonymous. Even under different stresses, however, this bluetooth speaker did not give up for a moment, offering good stability and solidity.

Technical Sheet

Here I leave you some technical specifications of this Soundcore Mini 3:

  • Maximum output: 6W;
  • Transmission distance: 20 meters / 66 feet (open area);
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0;
  • Battery: 1.800 mAh;
  • Charging input: 5V / 1A;
  • Charging time: about 2-3 hours.

Hardware & Operation

In addition to all the main technical characteristics already mentioned above, I want to show you what are the potential of this device, as well as all its functions. At the level of Bluetooth connection, therefore, I must say that I have not had any problems with this device, always being rather reactive in pairing with mine Google Pixel 4. I have never needed to perform a manual pairing, apart from the first time I installed it, a sign that everything is working properly. Mini 3 also accompanied me during some episodes on Netflix, connecting without hesitation to the MacBook Pro.

I'm talking more specifically about what can be done with the central button, the multifunction one. Pressing only once on this component, the one with the Soundcore symbol to be clear, pauses a song. Or alternatively you start it. Pressing this key twice then moves on to the next track, while pressing it repeated three times consecutively returns to the previous track. Here we also find a microphone, however, so it is also possible to answer calls, listening to the audio from the speaker. A single press on the key answers the incoming call, while holding it down for two seconds rejects it. Obviously, there is also compatibility with various voice assistants, such as Crab o Google Assistant (the only two I've been able to try, so I think Alexa works too).

I conclude this paragraph with the last interesting function, called PartyCast mode. Soundcore offers the possibility of connect up to 100 Soundcore Mini 3 together different, all in one network. Here, however, you will also have to use your smartphone, albeit minimally. In fact, just connect a device to the device as the main speaker and click on the Bluetooth of all the other speakers, including the main one, activating the pairing between the devices. It is not a new mode in this area, but certainly very nice.


I am always amazed when I cross such products, also because until a few years ago it would have been impossible to get one quality of such a high standard. Despite the dimensions are small, in fact, this Soundcore Mini 3 manages to reproduce the bass quite effectively, while maintaining a certain balance on the high and medium tones. Also al maximum volume, which I assure you is quite powerful, the situation remains the same, without any slightest distortion. Where a speaker of this type suffers the most, however, is on those songs particularly pushed in terms of bass. Although it is possible to “pump” this feature via software, with the option BassUp, the yield is not that great.

Within the dedicated app it is possible to adjust some settings. I tell you, however, that everything works perfectly even without it, thus not being fundamental. I believe that its magic, in fact, lies precisely in the immediacy: it is extracted from the box, paired with the smartphone and it's immediately a party. I don't think, therefore, that for the amount at which it is sold it is possible to find so much better, especially with these characteristics.


They are declared by the brand about 15 hours of use with a single charge, and I can say that perhaps this figure is not that far from reality. Believe me when I tell you, therefore, that I took them out of the box and never refilled them, since the percentage displayed on the smartphone was 82%. Every night, for at least two hours, I used it for my favorite Netflix TV series, and in about 4 days of use I never needed to charge it. If we add to this also a few hours of listening to music, we arrive at a rather conspicuous total of hours. At the end of the test, in fact, the state of charge was 18%.

As mentioned, there has never been a need to charge them, so I don't really know how long one actually lasts recharge total. On the official website, however, about 2-3 hours.

Price & Conclusions

Soundcore Mini 3 is sold on Amazon at about the price 26 €, on sale. At this figure, in my humble opinion, you cannot find better among the most famous companies in the sector. Anker, in recent years, has been able to innovate a lot and offer excellent audio devices, so it is a brand that can certainly be trusted. In fact, this Mini 3 is a demonstration of this too, which in fact manages to satisfy the needs of an ordinary traveler or of those who, tired of carrying huge audio speakers, do not want to give up quality.

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Some really interesting functions, like the one called PartyCast, which allows you to add up to 100 Soundcore Mini 3, connecting them together and creating a truly unique stereo effect. I don't know if anyone will ever be able to fully exploit it, but already with 4-5 accessories of this type you will have a more than good audio.

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