Razer Hammerhead True Wireless review: Bluetooth headphones for gaming!

Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless

In the panorama of the true wireless headphones you can find many solutions to suit your needs, from excellent audio to crystal clear microphones, from incredible autonomy to the most original design, but one of the most overlooked aspects by manufacturers is the audio latency you play games. Luckily Razer with its Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless has seen fit to offer a solution to all those mobile gaming enthusiasts who were looking for a pocket product, wireless and with noteworthy performance.

Will the brand be able to satisfy us with its Bluetooth headphones? Let's find out together in our full review.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Review

Unboxing - Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

The sales package is a nice box in white and gray hardcover and, in addition to the product photos, there are some technical specifications. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless;
  • charging houses;
  • silicone sleeve;
  • headphone strap;
  • USB cable - USB Type-C in fabric;
  • Razer stickers;
  • manuals.

Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless

Design and construction

Le Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless they are a solution in-ear seeds quite small in size. In fact, they only weigh 45 grams, remain firmly in the ear and even after long gaming sessions I have not encountered any discomfort.

Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless

However, should you wish greater comfort and a better grip you can put on the earphones silicone cover included in delivery. It is the first time that I find them in TWS headphones and I must say that I do not mind at all, indeed they are very functional.

Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless

Il design however it is quite simple and without too many frills, an elegant and minimal solution that does not necessarily want to remain in the target of gamers. There construction è very good and quality and we find a IPX4 certification which makes them resistant to water (sweat and rain), therefore perfect to use even for outdoor training.

On the earphones we do not find a proximity sensor, so removing them from the ear the playback will not pause. In any case we can also use them individually since we do not have a master headset.

Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless

Right on the logo Razer le Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless they support the touches which by default are associated with various functions:

  • Single touch (and press for 0.5 sec): Play / Pause or answer / end calls;
  • Two touches: next song;
  • Three touches: previous song;
  • Press for 2 seconds: call the voice assistant or reject the call;
  • Three touches and final press of 2 seconds: activate / deactivate Gaming Mode.

These apply to both the right and left earbuds, but through the app we can customize to our liking. The touches are read well and at first you will have to get used to finding the logo, but once you have taken the measures you will go quietly.

Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless

Moving on to the case this does not have generous dimensions and can be stored without too many problems in your pocket. However, it is flap it seems a little bit fragile due to a limited thickness. Despite this, in these days of use I have not encountered any critical issues.

Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless

One thing instead I didn't like it is that the headphones they must be positioned in reversethe left earphone on the right and the right earphone on the left. It doesn't make sense, even here you just have to get used to it, but I haven't found a practical solution.


Later I leave you some technical specifications of Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless before talking about the usage experience:

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz;
  • Impedance: 32 ± 15% Ω;
  • Sensitivity: 91 ± 3 dB @ 1 KHz through head and torso stimulators (HATS, Head And Torso Stimulator);
  • Maximum input power: 8 MW;
  • Drivers: 13mm.

As regards the microphone instead:

  • Frequency Response: 300Hz - 5KHz;
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 55 dB;
  • Sensitivity (@ 1kHz): -42 ± 3dB;
  • Detection pattern: Omnidirectional.

Connectivity and latency

Le Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 with range of action up to about 10/12 meters (without obstacles) e audio latency only 60 ms with the Gaming Fashion.

The first pairing will be very simple, as it will be enough to open the case and connect the headphones to the smartphone. The next times they will automatically engage by opening the case.

If the headphones are not quickly detected with other devices, you will need to press and hold both headphones for a few seconds until they enter pairing mode. You will realize it because it will be a voice to tell you (no, not the spirits, that of the Razers).

In any case, I have not encountered any reception problems during these days of use and everything went smoothly as oil both with smartphone and notebook.

Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless

Let's talk now about the latency because by activating the Gaming Mode it will be possible to have an audio latency of only 60 ms. By deactivating this mode I still found some excellent performance when watching videos or films, as there is no delay of any kind. In gaming, however, one has the perception that the sound is not emitted at the exact moment when a button is pressed, but it still seemed better than many other competitors from 20 to 150 euros.

Activating the Gaming Mode you get some performance that I struggled to find on other wearables, even in those who possessed this special modality. Although there is still a very slight delay with these Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless you will finally be able to play the titles Battle Royale without being killed before you even hear your opponent's footsteps.

This is the main problem of other Bluetooth headphones, as there is a consistent latency it is not possible to understand exactly where the opponent is, negatively affecting our performance.

Audio quality and microphones

Being a semi in-ear solution the Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless they do not enjoy great external insulation, but the very high maximum volume will ensure that you do not hear external noises.

Le frequencies are rather balanced and I also encountered one good bass presence compared to other competitors, which guarantee a more engaging listening experience. If you are not satisfied with the performance you can always access the equalization settings on the app and boost the bass or strengthen the treble.

As regards the microphones, in contexts poco noisy (office, university, shops) the audio is pretty clean and there is no problem whatsoever, but perhaps it is in noisy contexts that the Razer they give their best in that the noise suppression works very well and allows us to have telephone conversations even on the subway.


Through the app "Razer Hammerhead True Wireless" it will be possible to map the gestures headphones to our liking, manage theequalization between default, bass boost and treble boost and see other information such as FAQ, language, firmware version etc ...

Although the app is a bit bare of features, we find the right ones to guarantee one good use experience, unlike many other competitors who, for example, do not allow the personalization of touches.

Pairing with the app will be very simple, as you just need to pair the headphones to your smartphone, enter the dedicated software and this will automatically detect them after a few seconds.


Il CASE​ of the Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless owns a battery from 275 mAh, while for the earphones the manufacturer does not explicitly declare the capacity. In any case the Razer can enjoy one very good autonomy.

Indeed, with volume at 100% I managed to get up to 3 hours and 15 hours of music playback continuous, which can decrease if you keep the Gaming Mode active. However, keeping the volume at 50% (which is quite high anyway) can easily get to 4 hours.

The case will guarantee us 3 more refills allowing us to get up to approx 14 total hours. Furthermore, this can be recharged in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, while the headphones will need about 1 hour.

Conclusions - Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

Since there are currently few compact TWS capable of guaranteeing low latency for gaming and good general performance, the Razer Hammerhead TrueWireless occupy a almost exclusive position in this segment.

In fact, the company's new revenue is sold at a price of 119.99 €, a figure not exactly contained, but which in the end reflects the quality than other Bluetooth headphones in the same price range, but with theaddition area of Gaming Mode.

Too bad for the absence of active noise cancellation, but not being a fully in-ear solution it would not make sense. Overall I still stayed soddisfatto, since today they are the only ones that have allowed me to play PUBG o COD Mobile without missing a beat.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.

Last updated the 24 / 03 / 2023 01: 02
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